How to Apply for Fax Services In Bahamas

Apply for Fax Services In Bahamas By Online

  1. To apply to apply for Fax Service, the person applying must visit the closest Post Office. Contact details and addresses of all post offices in the nation can be found at the following hyperlink. Address Information
  2. How to Apply for Fax Services In Bahamas
    How to Apply for Fax Services In Bahamas
  3. Contact the office to request the service.
  4. Applicant must have documents to fax with an area code and fax number.
  5. Pay the charges according to the quote of the authority for the privilege of using the service.

Required Documents For Apply for Fax Services 

  • Documents to fax using area code and the number of fax.

Office Locations and Contacts

The General Post Office
East Hill StreetP.O. Box N-8302
NassauNew Providence
The Bahamas
Tel. (242) 322-3344/322-1112/3
Fax. (242) 326-8667, 328-2220
Hours of operation: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm except for public Holidays
Every Sub Post Office Locations


There is no eligibility requirement necessary to use this service.


Please check this page for information about fees. Costs for services like fax

Processing Time

It’s a quick five-minute operation within the Post office.

The Document is required

Fax machines can scan images or document, and then transfer the scan to a receiving device, so that it is printed.

Information that could be helpful

Residents, Business and Citizens have access to faxing services at any of the Post Office locations.

Other uses for the document/certificate

Utilizing a fax machine is a great way to simplify paperwork and to create records.

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