How to Apply for Hire Car Permit in Hong Kong

Apply for Hire Car Permit in Hong Kong

  • To apply for a car Hire Permit, you’ll be required to submit a form in person or via registered mail in the Public Vehicles Unit of Transport Department.
  • A link is available under the heading ‘Documents to Use’ which you are able to use to download the proper form.
  • Complete the form and submit it along with all required documents.
  • Pay the permit cost.

Required Documents For Hire Car Permit

  • Application is complete
  • Hong Kong Identification Card/Certificate Incorporation (certified authentic copy);
  • Corporate Registration Certificate (certified authentic copy);
  • Memorandum, Articles and Association of the company , if it is limited-company;
  • If required, evidence of the operation of a former or current hire car or the current operation of the public-service vehicles
  • Evidence to prove that the conditions of the hiring cars for hire is adhered to
  • Documentation to demonstrate that the maintenance and service facilities are provided by the appointed garage or motor car company for the vehicle(s) after the permit(s) was issued.
  • Registry document(s) for the vehicle(s) that are being applied for (both the reverse and front side) (copy of only);

Note that a complete list of the documents required to accompany the application form is provided in your application. Be sure to complete all the required documents to avoid delays in the process of processing your application.

Office Locations and Contacts

Transport Department

Phone No:(852) 2804 2600Fax: (852) 2804 2652

Public Vehicles Unit
Telephone Number 2804 2577

Hong Kong Licensing Office
3/F, United Centre, 95 Queensway, Hong Kong.
(near Exit D of the Admiralty MTR Station)
Phone: (852) 2804 2636 (852) 2804 2599

Kowloon Licensing Office
2/F, Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices,
303 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon.
(near near Exit C in the Sham Shui Po MTR Station)
Phone: (852) 2150 7728 (852) 2782 0153

Kwun Tong Licensing Office
5/F, Kowloon East Government Office,
12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kowloon.
(near the Exit D4 exit of Kwun Tong MTR Station)
Phone: (852) 2775 6835 (852) 2348 2150

Sha Tin Licensing Office
2/F, Sha Tin Government Offices,
1 Sheung Wo Che Road,
Sha Tin, New Territories.
(near near Exit B at Sha Tin MTR Station)
Phone: (852) 2606 1468 (852) 2691 1242

The hours of operation of all four offices for licensing is according to:

  • Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. until 5 p.m. (open for lunch hours)
  • The offices close on the weekend Sunday, Monday and on Public Holidays.

Additional contact numbers

What are all the Eligibility

To make sure that the hire vehicles are of a high standard which is in line with its reputation as a superior point-to point personalized transportation service, effective beginning 1 February 2017, the vehicles that will be utilized under the Private Service (Limousine) Hire Car Permit application must be tax-deductible at a minimum of more than $300,000 and be no more than seven years of age at the date of registration as an “brand brand new car” located in Hong Kong (viz. at least 6 years old) as of the date application. For vehicles that have not been licensed within Hong Kong as a “brand new vehicle” is it must be less than 6 years old from the “Year of Manufacturing” as of the date application.


Hire Car Permit (School Services):

  • (HK$) 565 (per annum)
  • (HK$) 198 (4 months)

Hire the Car (Other that School Services):

  • 1000 (per annum)
  • 350 (4 months)

Duplicate Hire Permit for Car 130 (per vehicle)


The permit to hire a car is not transferable. It is canceled when that the ownership of the private vehicle is transferred to a different person.

Documents to Utilize

Car Application Formulas


Types of permits:

  • The Hotel Hire Car Service: For the transport of guests from an approved hotel
  • Tour Hire Car Service: To transport clients of a designated travel agent
  • Private Service (Limousine) Hire Car for the transport of clients contracted by a firm, or for individuals who require individualized high-end transportation
  • Private Service (Limousine – Cross Boundary) Hire Car for the transportation of clients of a contracted firm or for individuals who require personalized premium transportation that crosses the boundary.
  • Private Service Rental Car: To facilitate the transportation of residents in an area with transportation that is insufficient or nonexistent.

Evaluation of the Pre-application

The Transport Department introduced an optional “pre-application assessment” for anyone who would like to apply for hire permit for cars. Candidates can make an application to have a “pre-application evaluation” without the requirement to provide private car registration documents. The Department will evaluate the application and notify the applicant of the probability of getting their application permit to rent a car approved prior to investing further and buying vehicles.

Each time a request is made to “pre-application assessment” which is a pre-application assessment, this Contract Hire Car Permits Selection Board is consulted prior to the time when the Transport Department informs the requestor of the outcome. It is crucial to remember that “pre-application evaluation” results will be used only used as a reference point and do not affect to the commissioner for Transport in the exercise of his authority to decide on the application for a hire car permit, in accordance with law once an application has been officially submitted.

An “pre-application review” request is made by filling out the appropriate forms (link located under the “Documents to Use’).

The Document is required

  • Private car owners planning to make use of their vehicles to transport passengers on hire or for reward they must have the hire car permit that is issued by the Commissioner of Transport and have a valid insurance policy for third party risks that are applicable to the use.
  • This document outlines how to apply for a rental permit to drive within Hong Kong.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • When the permit is received the permit must display on the left part of the windshield within the private car in a way that it is visible from the rear of the vehicle to allow for an easy inspection.
  • It is illegal to transport passengers for pay or reward without having permission first.
  • Employing illegal hire cars can expose passengers to risk since the car’s third party insurance could not be valid in the event of an accident. With the Transport Departments Online Checking System for Hire Car Permit, you can verify whether a private vehicle with a specific registration number is registered by the HCP in good standing valid for the carriage of passengers hired or reward prior to an anticipated travel.
  • access online check-in system for hire car permit

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