How To Register a Death and Obtain Certificate In Cape Verde

How To Register a Death and Obtain Certificate In Cape Verde

  • A death must be reported within 24 hours of the date of death. In order to report a death, go to the authority responsible to present your identity as well as other documents required. Where can you make a claim for a death
  • Include all the necessary information needed for the death certificate.
  • Death certificates will be made available to you within under 48 hours after the date the declaration was signed.

Documents that are required Register a Death and Obtain Certificate 

Registration of the death

  • The identification of the applicant
  • The death certificate is issued by the Hospital or Health Office
  • Identification of the person who died

Office Locations and Contacts

Cape Verde Government Website Locations where you can make a report of the death of a loved one.
Sites that allow you to obtain the death certificate

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Most often, it is the family member who registers the death, however it can also be done by other people who are acquainted with the deceased, or observed the death.
  • If you need to obtain the death certificate, it is a possibility for anyone to do.


  • The process of registering a death is completely free.

The Certificate is issued ECV: 150 ECV

Processing Time

  • Death certificates will be made available within 48 hours from date the declaration was signed.
  • If you ask for an original copy of the death certificate, it’ll require a few days to process your request.


  • It is necessary to declare the death within 24 hours from the date of its occurrence.
  • The death certificate is to be completed in the presence of a person.

Requirements Information

In order to obtain a death certificate, you will need to be able to provide the following details:

  • Personal information (full name or affiliation)
  • the date and location of the death and place of

The Document is required Register a Death and Obtain Certificate

It is the form of identification that identifies the date, time, and the reason for a person’s death. The certificate will be issued when a death is declared and recorded. In the law in Cape Verde registering a death is a requirement.

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  • Cape Verde Government Web Portal:,188596&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&p_dominio=25&p_menu=30&p_item=147&p_ent_det=736#,188596&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&p_dominio=25&p_menu=28&p_item=131&p_ent_det=843#



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