How To Apply for International Driving License In Angola

How To Apply for International Driving License In Angola

  • International drivers licenses can be issued only by government Agencies of Angola or private organizations designated by the country’s authorities are the only ones authorized to issue the driving license internationally.
  • If you are a legal permanent resident of Angola you will not be able to obtain an the international driver’s license.
  • The applicant needs to visit the office of the Automobile Association of Angola and select the appropriate application form for an International Drivers License/Permit (IDP)
  • The applicant is then required to fill out the form.
  • The applicant goes to a bank that is designated and is required to pay a fee in exchange to get the license.
  • The applicant is then required to submit an application form that is completed with an authentic Angolan driving license and passport photo as well as proof of paying fees.
  • The applicant waits some time to receive to receive the International Drivers license to be processed.

Documents that are required International Driving LicenseĀ 

1.Original and a copy of a foreign driving license issued by the country of the country of

2.Photocopy of the passport with Visa, or current photocopy from Alien Card;

3.Declaration from the employer

4.Two color photos with a passport, white background.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry Of Interior

National Directorate of Road Traffic – DNVT

IACS — Integrated Citizen Services Unit of Public Services Talatona Luanda Sul Luanda Sul

A-2 Via Telephone 222 993 01

Monday to Friday, 8:15 to 15:30 on Saturdays, 8:00 to 13:00.

What Are All The Eligibility

Anyone from outside the country who holds an active driving license by their country of residence.


  • For one year , you pay $24.
  • For two years , you pay $30.
  • For 3 years you will pay $34.
  • For 5 years you will pay $ 44.
  • Ten years of payment $49.


It’s valid from 1 year up to 10 years.

Documents to Utilize

Processing Time

7 days (3 days)


This is for a foreign national who want to obtain an driving license in order to be able to drive a vehicle in Angola.

Requirements Information


2.Passport details


Documentation is needed

This document is issued to drivers who plan to travel to foreign countries .

Information that could be helpful

Licenses issued by Angola have validity in Portugal for an amount of 185 days and vice to

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How To Apply for International Driving License In Angola
How To Apply for International Driving License In Angola

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