How to Apply for Land Title Deed In Mali

Apply for Land Title Deed In Mali By Yourself

  1. The applicant must visit the Director for Domains and Cadastre, or to the Domaines du Cercle office near your home and
    • Gather the necessary forms and correctly complete them.
    • Attach all documents required (see the required documents below for the required document) Also, attach all the required documents (see required document below)
    • Submit the documents for verification and recorded.
  2. The secretariat then checks the file submitted for registration. If the secretariat is satisfied the file submitted is correct then the application file is registered and the applicant issued an acknowledgement of registration.
  3. The file is sent to the director of land conservation for further analysis and analysis.
  4. The latter then sends the correspondence with a copy of the title deed to director of Town Planning for opinion as responsible for the town’s planning plan who then submits an outline of the plot to the person in charge of land conservation.
  5. The head of Land Conservation receives the plot plan, it must either state two scenarios in which the land is not registered or not registered.
  6. If the land is not registered, the following procedure must be followed to acquire a title deed
    • Delimitation of the plan created by a certified expert surveyor in accordance with any of the sizes specified within the CDF.
    • Registration of the plan within the Register of Formalities before registration, side register and then signed by the judge in the district.
    • Make sure you fill out a registration request that includes the date and time that is taken from the register of preliminary formalities prepared by office managers (conservator).
    • The preparation of two printed papers called “notice of registration application” One appears in the local newspaper that contains legal notices, while the second is filed into the file for land.
    • The following extract was transmitted from the placard dispatch bulletin
      • to the clerk at the county courthouse for display in the courtroom and upon receipt of the certificate for posting; The posting in the audience of the court lasts for 30 days.
      • The town hall is the site of the land open to the public. 2nd number on the building is to be registered.
      • The public prosecutor is the best source for more information.
    • Please keep the newspaper’s number and only one copy of the article in the land file . Also, include the dates and days of posting, when the certificates of posting are returned.
    • One month is the time to hear objections. If there is opposition the process continues until there is an amicable resolution or through the use of judicial methods. The expert surveyor will then be called to determine the time of the contradiction demarcation.
    • The notice is published in a publication of legal notices at least 15 days prior to the start date of the construction on the site.
    • Information for all neighbors with acknowledgement of receipt The local authority and the applicant.
    • Repairing the terminals with the help of the surveyor.
    • Reporting on an area by the surveyor, and its signature by all participants.
    • The preparation of the copy of the TF that will be prepared for the person who will be surveying.
    • The duplicate of theTF Cadastre as well as the Land Property Division to ensure inspection and verification.
    • The land title was created in the books of the district the director of the office of Domains. The land will be identified according to the number on the title which was just granted and distributed to the deed of land title.
  7. If it is recorded as a plot, the procedure should be followed to issue the title deed.
    • The filling process for the fragmentation process.
    • A parceling request must be submitted on behalf of the property owner. parcel of land.
    • The office manager at the building’s location is issued a requisition one of the experts in surveying.
    • The surveyor designs the demarcation map for the terrain.
    • The surveyor prepares the delineation minutes and creates a replica of the Land Title to be created and forwards it to the conservation office of the land to be reviewed and issued the title.

Required Documents For Apply for Land Title Deed

  • Request for a stamped 500 FCFA addressed to the Regional Director of Domains and Cadastre.
  • Copy of the title deed for the plot.
  • A copy of the identity card in use today.
  • Extract from the layout for the site.
  • Requisition letter.
  • Stamp duty duty 2 sheets 12,000 FCFA.
  • Two identity photos of the applicant.

Office Locations and Contacts

National Directorate of Domains and Cadastre”DNDC”
Address: Quartier du Fleuve
PO Box 976, Bamako
Telephone:( (+223) 2023 41 98/23 41 92
Fax: (+223) 20 23 06 98


Owners of land/plots



  • Registration fee of 15 percent of the cost of the plot
  • Tax on transfer 0.9 percent


A title deed for land will be Valid Forever, but in the event of a sale/change in the ownership of the land, the official responsible for the legality of the land must be informed in order to impose the necessary change.

Processing Time

The processing period is maximum of 6 months.

The Information You Need

  • The full name of the person applying
  • Contact details
  • The residential location of the land in the issue.
  • Details of the Identity Card
  • Legal owner information for the land at issue
  • Specifics of the request
  • The applicant’s declaration

Documentation is needed

A title deed to land is an official document issued by the government that confirms the legal title to the particular piece of piece of land.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

The title deed to land is an guarantor in the event of an loan at the bank or lending institution

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How to Apply for Land Title Deed In Mali
How to Apply for Land Title Deed In Mali



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