How to Apply for Letter for Provisional Rural Concessional Title In Mali

Apply for Letter for Provisional Rural Concessional Title In Mali By Yourself

  1. As an Applicant , you need to visit the General Secretariat of the Prefect office close to you and register your desire in the office’s front desk;
    • Complete the forms you require and fill themin;
    • Attach all documents required (see the document required below for the required document) as well as
    • Submit the documents to be checked and recorded.
  2. The secretariat then checks the file submitted for registration. If the secretariat is satisfied it is properly formatted it will register the file and you will receive an acknowledgement of registration.
  3. The file is sent through the Domanial Section to register and then forwarded to the head of the State Section to be examined the file. The file is transferred to the first deputy for further evaluation and the First Deputy adds an technical document to the file that is then sent to the technical service to get their opinion and issue of the file as well as a transmission slip to the person who applied for the job if accepted.
    • Note: Opinion of the technical service in this file (verification of compliance with laws and the rules).
  4. Then, visit the prefect’s office in which you filed your application, along with your NIC card the registration receipt, and then collect the application file as well as the transmission slip.
  5. Then , go for then the National Directorate of Domains and Cadastre office, DNDC. There you can submit the transfer slip and the file to be processed
  6. The DNDC will then apply the service visa to the technical sheet, and then release the file to be collected
  7. When you are notified, go on over to DNDC office, and take the document and send this in office of the Regional Directorate of Development and Rural Equipment office to be submitted to be processed by rural engineering.
  8. If the application is approved, If the application is approved, the DRAER will place the service visa to the technical sheet, and then release the file to the public for collection.
  9. After being notified, go upon being notified. Go to DRAER office, get the file. Then, send the file along with the opinion from DRAER, the DNDC as well as the DRAER office to the Regional Department of Town Planning and Housing DRUH office for further processing.
  10. If it is accepted, The DRUH will then affix the service visa to the technical sheet. The file will then be issued to you.
  11. Once you have received the file, forward the file that contains the view of the technical service upon receipt to the Circle office to be processed.
  12. A representative from the section owned by the state will make the payment slip and issue a notice that is signed by the Prefect inviting you to visit the administration to pay for the cost of the rural concession fee.
  13. When you pay the royalty fee to management after which you will be issued with a receipt. This is then attached to the file and endorsed by an agent from Domanial Section.
  14. The title decision for the provisional period is then formulated by the technical service to the Circle office. It is documented by the department in charge and the Prefect’s certificate is then drawn and approved by the prefect so that he can confirm that the procedure for awarding the certificate is in accordance with laws.
  15. The certificate is recorded by the land register and then it is issued to you upon present the NIC as well as the registration confirmation to the register in order to be validated.
  16. An original copy will be sent directly to the Regional Directorate of Domains and Cadastre office for filing and preservation of the document.

Required Documents For Apply for Letter for Provisional Rural Concessional Title

  • 1 Request, stamped at 500 CFA Francs and addressed to the Prefect , and four copies of the application.
  • Five versions of this topographic map.
  • 5 photocopies of your identity card.
  • Three copies of the specification.

Office Locations and Contacts

National Directorate of Domains and Cadastre”DNDC”Address: Quartier du Fleuve
PO Box 976, Bamako
Telephone number:( (+223) 20 2341, 98/20 2341 92
Fax: (+223) 20 23 06 98

Mali Contacts for City/Town Halls’
Kolongo – tomo
Address: Macina, Mali
Telephone: +223 07 25 82 05

Commune V Mayor
Address: Bamako, Mali

Niamakoro Mayor Niamakoro
Address: Bamako, Mali
Phone: +223 76850506

Central Hall of the common IV
Address: Bamako, Mali
Phone: +223 76141147

Mairie M’Pessoba
Address: RN10, Mpessoba, Mali
Phone: +223 21645010


Residences and residents registered with the Citizenship and Registration Office


Prices based on the zones, for example:

  • Banankoro Kasela 1,130,000 FCFA
  • Niamakoro 135,000 FCFA
  • Docodonma Docodonma Coura 165,000 FCFA
  • Sabalibougou Taliko 165,000 FCFA
  • Kalabancoro – Niamana – Tiebani 135,000 FCFA
  • Mroribabougou – Ouenzenbougou 130,000 FCFA

Processing Time

The processing duration is dependent on the availability of land, which can vary between 4 and 5 months.

The Information You Need

  • The full name of the person applying
  • Contact details
  • Motives behind the demand
  • Information on the land
  • The type of operation you intend to conduct on your property.
  • Date on which you’d like to begin the process
  • A declaration from the applicant

Documentation is needed

This letter confirms that you’ve been granted concession to use the land in accordance with law.

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How to Apply for Letter for Provisional Rural Concessional Title In Mali
How to Apply for Letter for Provisional Rural Concessional Title In Mali



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