How to Apply for License for Transportation and Storage of Waste In Uganda

Apply for License for Transportation and Storage of Waste In Uganda By Online

  1. Before beginning any storage or waste transportation actions, the person who is interested in doing so must be in contact with Directorate of Water Resources Management within the Ministry water and Environment to find out if the person is equipped with adequate tools and infrastructure to store or transport the waste on their premises without causing serious harm to the public health or the environment.
  2. Before receiving a Storage and waste transportation Licence you must satisfy the following conditions for license from the Ministry of water and Environment in Uganda.
    • Apply for a permit I set for applicants who intend to transport waste . Form III set if the person intends to store waste that can be collected from their office.
    • On the application form , indicate the kind and number of vehicles that will be utilized.
    • On the form, include the details, type(s) and numbers of the vehicles being utilized.
    • Indicate the details regarding the facility for storage. including the place of the waste, and the methods proposed for storage or disposal are compatible with environmentally sound standards and the capabilities of every vehicle.
    • Complete the District Environment officer of the district where the waste is to be disposed or stored.
    • On the form, indicate the places where the vehicle is expected to stop and the services to be offered by the vehicle.
  3. The application must be accompanied by the fees listed in the form of application.
  4. The applicant, if he or she plans to transfer the waste of one district to disposal or storage in a different district, prior to applying for a license under this regulation, inform in writing to district Environment Officers of the district from where he or she plans to transfer the waste as well as the district where they plan to transport the waste.
  5. The district environment officer for the district where the waste is planned to be stored or disposed of must, if satisfied
    • Shall require the applicant to demonstrate the location wherein the waste is to be placed waste, as well as the methods for disposal or storage, if they are in line with the sound environmental standards and
    • They will ensure that the conditions are met under the Act and the Regulations are in compliance with The Authority shall suggest that the person applying to be referred to Authority to consider the granting of a licence pursuant to these Regulations.
  6. Complete the form and submit it along with the other documents required (see the list below) in the Directorate of water resource management.
  7. The application should be made at least three weeks prior to the an scheduled Authority meeting.
  8. The Authority will investigate to establish that the applicant has the adequate facilities and equipment to move or store waste on the premises without causing harm to health of the public or the environment.
  9. If it is satisfied, the authority declare its intention for issuance of the Licence via announcement in the Gazette and in any local daily newspapers that are published in Uganda thirty days prior to the issue date of the Licence.
  10. The Authority may issue a licence to transport waste or storage of waste in accordance with this regulation, subject to prior approval or direction from the Minister. Giving the applicant an exclusive Licence allowing the person to move or keep waste in the locations as the Authority may determine.

Notification: An environmental inspector can at any time expose anyone who is who are involved in the transportation, collection or disposal of trash to a medical examination and the expenses of the exam will be paid through the licensee.

Required Documents For Apply for License for Transportation and Storage of Waste

  • Forms for application that are completed in detail with a thorough business plan (guidelines are provided in the previous paragraphs).
  • A certified copies of the Certificates of Incorporation or the Certificate of Registration of the trade name of the business, along with copies of shares that have been certified certificates.
  • It should include the type(s) and number of Storage/vehicles that will be used, specifics of the area, district, and storage/vehicle capacity of each one of them and the total storage capacity of properties, locations between which the vehicle is intended to make stopovers and the services to be offered through the application.
  • Tax clearance certificates valid as well as inspection reports and insurance for public and personal liability and renewal fees must be paid every year.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Water and EnvironmentDirectorate of Water Resources Management,
Phone: +256 – 414 – 699486
Physical Address Lot 12 Mpigi Road, Entebbe
The address for postal delivery is P.O. Box 19 Entebbe
Jurisdiction: National
Email Address: or
Site: Ministry of water and environment
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm (excluding public holidays and weekends)


  • Anyone or any company that plans to transport or store garbage in Uganda.
  • Anyone who are involved in the transportation, collection and storage is equipped with
  • In addition, wear appropriate protection and safety gear;
  • equipped with the appropriate equipment or facilities to load the in the proper equipment or facilities to load the
  • Secure and safe seating facilities in the vehicles that are used to transport waste
  • With the right training and knowledge.


Licence fees UGX 528.201.


Valid for one year

Examples of Documents

Processing Time

Maximum Processing time of 90 days.


An individual who

  • (a) is the owner or operator of the site for disposal of waste without the need for a licence is a crime;
  • (b) (b) discharges waste into the site or in a plant that is not licensed, it commits an offense.
  • Someone who transports or store waste on his or his or her premises without a licence granted pursuant to the Regulations commits an offense.
  • Anyone who is granted a licence to transport waste should be sure that :
    • (a) the transportation and collection of waste are conducted in a way so as to ensure that there is no scattering of waste;
    • (b) the pipelines, vehicles, and equipment used for transporting waste are in that they do not result in the scattering of or the evaporation of waste, or the release of unpleasant scents from the waste
    • (c) (c) the vehicle used for transport, as well as other means of transportation of waste use the routes that have been approved beginning at the collection point the site of disposal or the plant;

The Information You Need

Add all the relevant details on the application form, and include.

  • Specifications of the vehicle
  • Official collection centers
  • The name of the site where disposal is made
  • Type of vehicle
  • The number of employees who are involved in collecting.
  • Gross Tonnage
  • Net Tonnage
  • Approved Scheduled Routes.
  • Day
  • Month
  • Year.
  • Pipelines’ length in meters and other equipment used for the transport of waste
  • In meters of pipelines as well as equipment for the transport of waste
  • Max Draught
  • Name and address of district that disposes of waste
  • Material capable of emitting stinks from garbage;
  • Plants or sites for disposal
  • protection and safety clothes;

Owners/ specifics

  • Full Name
  • Shares in the project
  • Place of incorporation/Nationality
  • Address
  • Nature of Interest e.g. Joint Ownership, Sole Ownership or Ownership in Severalty

Equity of the corporation that owns it

  • Name of Corporation
  • Paid-up Capital
  • Legal Equity
  • Foreign Equity

Information that can be useful

  • Anyone who is licensed to store or transport waste should ensure that all employees who are involved in the transportation, collection and storage of garbage go through any medical examination that may be necessary to mitigate the risks for the employees at the conclusion of the exam the licensee must submit a medical assessment of fitness of every employees for the Authority.
  • A environmental inspector can, at any point, expose those who are involved in the collection, transport and storage of garbage to a medical examination and the expenses of the exam will be paid through the licensee.
  • The vehicles that are used for transport or other methods of transport, as well as the storage facilities for waste must be marked in a way that can be deemed appropriate by the Authority.

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