How to Apply for License to Cut/Grow/Take/Work/Remove Forest Produce from Forest Reserve In Uganda

Apply for License to Cut/Grow/Take/Work/Remove Forest Produce from Forest Reserve In Uganda By Online

  1. To apply for a Licence to cut/grow/take/work/remove forest in Uganda, the applicant has to contact the National forest Authority.
  2. Choose the location you want to work on a forest project or other activity that involves harvesting, cutting down, or removing forest product from the forest reserve or community forest.
  3. Find out who is the real owner of the land where you are planning to carry out your forest-related activities through due diligence.
  4. Once you have identified the real owners of the land, you can negotiate an agreement with the landowners and pay them in accordance with their the purpose of allowing you to for your forest projects or other activities on their property.
  5. Execute Forest agreement with the authority or forest agency of the government for reserve the forest or an environmental impact assessment for access to activities that are likely to affect or cause harm on the reserve forest. This license has an administrative purpose to regulate the use and management of a reserve forest.
  6. Take a look at the area of property you want to conduct your forest activities . You should also have a drawn up a deed plan.
  7. When you have signed the agreement, request the cutting, taking or or removing forest produce from a forest reserve , or community forest permit from the commissioner department of the National forestry Authority (NFA) If the same hasn’t been completed before.
  8. The National forestry Authority shall invite applications in a fair, open and competitive procedure to choose the most qualified candidate for carrying out the forest operations.
  9. Upon the commissioner granting the best applicant the forest cutting, taking, working or removing of forest produce from a forest reserve or community forest license, the applicant proceed to cut/remove/work/take/grow the intended forest projects or activities.

Notice: This license serves as a regulation function.

Required Documents For Apply for License to Cut/Grow/Take/Work/Remove Forest Produce from Forest Reserve

  • Valid prospecting license
  • Submitted returns
  • Map of the desired area and location
  • The forest operations work program includes operations
  • The briefing plan for the project
  • Formulation II executed
  • Affordable financial capacity of the applicant’s financial capability.
  • The original as well as two versions of the request must be submitted to the commissioner of National forest Authority.
  • The proof of payment and of the deposit to cover the cost of experts

Office Locations and Contacts

National Forestry Authority Head OfficesPlot 10/20, Spring Road,
P.O. 70863, Kampala – Uganda
Telephone Contacts Phone Number: +256-312-264035/6
Site: National forest authority


The applicants must be those who intend to pursue any project or undertaking that involves forest-related or business activities in Uganda.


  • (a).Registration Fee: 500,000 Ugx
  • (b).Forest rent 50,000 Ugx per km2 per annum


Valid for one year.

Processing Time

Processing time maximum is 30 days.


  • The Forest Tree Planting Act stipulates that no one can without permission, grow or work in cutting, or remove any forest product from a forest reserve , or community forest.

The Information You Need

A person who intends to obtain a forest tree planting /cut/grow/remove/take Licence shall submit.

  • Name, address, and the nationality that of the candidate.
  • In the case of a corporative company, you must provide the name of the corporation as well as the registered office address, and the country in which it was incorporated.
  • Names, addresses, and qualifications of prospective principal supervisors and contractors to be hired for the project.
  • Description and where the forest project is located the amount of capital investment as well as the required skills as well as construction and site plans.
  • The date for completion of the project is the date of completion.
  • The Environmental Project Brief or the environmental Impact statement on this form, and with data stipulated in the Environment (Environment Impact 4 Assessment) to be processed further.
  • Description of the safety programs including equipment and strategies to ensure the protection of health and safety at work as well as environmental protection during normal construction activities and contingency plans in case of natural disasters, accidents and emergencies.
  • Tax Identification Numbers for investors who are new and a tax clearance certificates for existing businesses.

The document is needed

  • In order to carry out the forest reserve for the purpose of forest reserve, the National Forestry Authority or any accountable licensing body must give guidelines and training to the local community, as the law requires.

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