How to Apply for Life Certificate under National Insurance Scheme In Jamaica

Apply for Life Certificate under National Insurance Scheme In Jamaica By Yourself

  1. In order to apply for the life Certificate within the NIS You must make an request in the NIS office that is part of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MLSS). You can find the NIS contact information in the “Offices and Contact” section below.
  2. Get the life certificate sealed at the NIS office, or from any NIS office located in your parish.
  3. The life certificate can be unsealed by removing the sealed ends, then unzip the life certificate.
  4. The certificate should be filled out by indicating your name, phone number, date and signature
  5. After filling out the certificate, present it to the Justice of the Peace, Principal of the school, Bank manager or Inspector of the police or a Notary public to authenticate the certificate . This is done by sealing and signing it.
  6. Then you must submit the certificate of life to the NIS office to be processed

Apply via mail

  • After your life certificate along with all the supporting documents have been signed, completed, stamped and certified when necessary, you are able to forward your certificate to NIS by sending the document to their address in the “Office Locations and Contacts”


  • If you’ve moved your address, you must fill in the section on change of address and send it along with your complete life certificate

Required Documents For Apply for Life Certificate under National Insurance Scheme

  • Form for a Life Certificate

Office Locations and Contacts

National Insurance SchemeAddress 14. National Heroes Circle
Kingston 4 Jamaica
Tel: 876-922-8000 0r 888-991-2089
Website: link

Contact information and offices: Link

National Insurance Fund
Address: 40 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5, Jamaica, West Indies
Tel: (876) 908-0025
Tel: (876) 908-0019 -21
Fax: (876) 908-0028


  • NIS pensioners can apply


  • The application is available for free.


  • This certificate will be valid during the period that it was issued for.

Processing Time

  • Once you have received your life certificate, you must fill out it and submit it to the NIS within a month.


  • You must be able to sign your Life Certificate
  • It is important that the person who is certifying the signatures confirms the date on which they signed.
  • The moment you submit the application at the time of submission, if your Life Certificate’s date of your life Certificate exceeds 3 months, it will be deemed to be invalid.
  • The person who is certifying the Certificate must sign their seal or stamp.
  • If you are a civil servant who is certifying the Certificate , and they are not able to a stamp, make sure they mention their Ministry, Department, or Agency that they work and also their position and rank
  • The Life Certificates have been designed with specific security features. They are limited to the time period that they were issued. So, ensure that the date of the end of your quarter coincides with the period for you’re providing the identical.
  • Don’t change the information that appears on the back of your Life Certificate.
  • The Life Certificate includes special features that are unique to you, and is specific to the quarter.

The Information You Need

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Date
  • Signature

Need to have the Document

  • The Life Certificate serves to prove the pensioner’s status as in good health and thus, is entitled to be able to receive a pension by Jamaica’s Government of Jamaica.

Information that could be helpful

  • If you fail to submit the certificate of life, or you fail to submit it in the time frame required or if the life certificate is insufficient the payments could be suspended until the time you submit an authentic life certificate to the NIS

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