How to Apply for Mobile Van or Open Air Cinema Licence In Uganda

Apply for Mobile Van or Open Air Cinema Licence In Uganda By Online

  1. Mobile Van or Open Air Cinema License is available at Uganda Communication Commission Head office.
    • Nobody is allowed to operate and operate any mobile vehicleor an public Air Cinema unless that person has a licence or permission from the Uganda Communication Commission.
    • The applicant has to meet the requirements of the film industry, as laid out in the prescribed ordinances in the Film Regulations or any other regulations which may be accepted by the Uganda Communication commission.
  2. The application form must be filled in according to the instructions of the Uganda Communication Commission.
  3. Anyone who wants to participate with Mobile Van/ Open Air Cinema is required to obtain a Licence from the Uganda Communication Commission under the following conditions:
    • The van’s mobile must be constructed in suitable environment for film and cinema conditions that will yield high quality results.
    • the position of caravans or controlling the usage of other structures and vehicles such as tents
    • to ensure that the sanitary condition and other equipment, facilities and services are properly maintained
  4. After filling out the form, complete the form and pay the cost.
  5. Complete the fully filled form along with the pay form to cinema/film controller officer responsible for film production at the Uganda Communication Commission.
  6. If the application submitted and all supporting documents are deemed to be suitable and the applicant is accepted, then the applicant will be granted an Open Air Cinema Licence from Uganda Communication Commission.
    • The applicant must select the Licence that the application was filed within six weeks of the date that the application was received by the Commission in the event that there is no rejection.

NOTE: A decision will be made regarding the application within six weeks of submitting it. If the commission anticipates the consultation period to last over 6 weeks, it will notify the applicant in writing.

Required Documents For Apply for Mobile Van or Open Air Cinema Licence

  • Business-Registration/Registering-a-new-company
  • Profile of the company containing Memorandum as well as Articles of Association,
  • Shareholders and management are set up.
  • A letter of verification sent by Uganda Registration Services Bureau.
  • Application form that is filled out
  • Permit to register your film
  • Parking permits
  • Taxi Licence
  • The application should include the details of the authorization letter for the location in which the film/cinema is to be held.
  • The application should also include details about the planning permission along with any other details required.

Office Locations and Contacts

Uganda Communications Commission.P.O.Box 776 Kampala, Uganda.
Toll Free 0800222777
Tel:+256 414 339000/ +256 312 339000
Website: Uganda Communication Commission


Anyone interested in a company or individual in a mobile van or open-air cinemas could be qualified for this licence.


  • Processing charges for applications 100000 Ugshs.
  • Fees for Licence 150,000 Ugshs. (Annual Fee)
  • Click here for Fees and Charges


Validity: based on the period stipulated within the Licence.

  • Usually valid for six months.
  • There is no limit on time. But, if the Open Air cinema has only the advantage of a temporary planning approval The Mobile Van licence will expire at the same time.

Processing Time

Maximum Processing Time: 6 weeks.


Anyone who violates Film-regulatory regulations is guilty of an offence.

Requirements Information

  • Name of the applicant
  • Address of the applicant
  • Information about the Motor Van/Open Air cinema ownership
  • Date
  • Signature of the applicant
  • Information on the filmor cinema.

The Document is required

  • The purpose of the document to provide an avenue for local content from the film industry to the public at large.
  • This in turn will bring about a major increase in film quality and an increase in professionalism within the industry.

Information that can be useful

  • Mobile Van Films and Cinema are affordable, as there are easily accessible locations where groups meet to watch movies on video. Outdoor cinemas are becoming more popular because of the huge availability of space. Additionally, outdoor films are becoming very well-known in Uganda.
  • Video jockeys are able to offer live translation of video from English to local languages , which is what makes it well-known.
  • A Mobile van Film/ open Air Cinema can create an excitement for movie lovers in the area while they travel to locals to take in a broad range of Ugandan films, ranging from comedy to action to documentaries.

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