How to Apply for Money Lending and Savings Institution Licence In Uganda

Apply for Money Lending and Savings Institution Licence In Uganda By Yourself

  1. This Money lending and Saving business owner applies for a trade license with the Municipal Authority/Council Authority where the office premises of the company are.
  2. Visit the premises for business through the licensed officer. Then get the assessment form to calculate the amount of fees to be paid, which depend on the office’s location.
  3. Fill out the form and then submit the form in its entirety in the Municipal council Authority/ Division offices, where a trade license certificate is issued.
  4. You will then receive an acknowledgement slip that you can take into the Bank.
  5. Make sure you possess all of the documentation mentioned under the “Required Documents” section on this page.
  6. After the authorities approve the application and all documents have been submitted and fees are paid after which after which the Municipal Authority issues the Money Saving and lending institution trading License. The authority also reserves the power to revoke or cancel the license for trading in the event that it is required through municipal inspections (health and building inspections).).

Required Documents For Apply for Money Lending and Savings Institution Licence

Applicant should obtain Clearance from Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives for non-nationalsNon-Nationals:

  1. Identification Passport (2 Copies)
  2. Work Permit
  3. The original certificate of incorporation for the company for the start of the new business.
  4. Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  5. Business Registration Number (BRN) from Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB)
  6. Original rental receipt and tenancy agreement from the landowner to the business that is being established.

The applicant must get permission from Ministry of Local Government for-nationals

  1. Identity: Passport/ driving license/ Voter’s ID (2 Copies)
  2. The original certificate of incorporation for the company to start the new business.
  3. Original rental receipt and tenancy agreement from the landowner for the business that is being established.
  4. The customer must be minimum 18 years of age. If minor, must be in a partnership with an adult who is over 18 years old.
  5. Tax Identification Number (TIN) is available from the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).
  6. Business Registration Number (BRN) from Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB)
  • New business: Original registration certificate (Business name)
  • The applicant should seek clearance from Uganda Registration Services Bureau.
  • An approval from a magistrate court.
  • Original municipal receipt from the previous year , which indicates the existence of business.
  • The original trading license for the year prior to an already established business.
  • A photocopy of any pertinent document is required to be kept by Municipal officers in charge.
  • The Assessment of Trading License will be accompanied by Local Service Tax assessment if applicable.
  • There is no assessment required for Trading License shall be issued without first submitting a formal application with an application form that is prescribed.

Office Locations and Contact

Ministry of Trade, Industries and cooperatives
P.O. Box 7103 Kampala
Lot 6/8 Parliamentary Avenue
Phone: 0312 324 000/0312 324 268

Ministry of Local Government
Tel: +256-414-341224
Website :

Contact the Municipal Council Headquarters Offices are spread throughout the nation.

Gulu Municipal Council HQ
District-Local Government Airport road
P.O.BOX 201 Gulu
Phone: +256 751000910
Email Address:

Mbarara Municipal Council HQ
District Local Government Lot No. 12 Galt Road
P. O. Box 290 Mbarara, Uganda
Phone: +256 485420955
Email Address:

Jinja Municipal Council HQ
District Local Government Busoga Square
P.O Box , Jinja, Uganda
Email Address:

Entebbe Municipal Council HQ
District Local Government Circular Road, Plot 2A Entebbe
. P.O Box 32 Entebbe, Uganda
Phone: +256 772 489 466
Email Address:

Bushenyi District Local Governance
District Local Government Mbarara – Kasese road.
P.O Box 01 Bushenyi, Uganda
Phone: +256-485-43575
Email Address:

Lira Municipal Council HQ
District Local Government Lira Gulu Road
. P.O.Box 49 Lira, Uganda
Phone: +256(0473) 420219
Email Address:

Kasase Municipal Council HQ
Kasese District Municipal Government
District Local Authorities Rukooki, Kasese
. P.O Box 250, Rukooki, Kasese, Uganda
Phone: +256 392888974
Contact Email: /

Kitgum Municipal Council HQ
The District Local Government of Achua County Kitgum
P.O Box 250, Rukooki, Kasese, Uganda
Email Address:

Mubende District Local Government
The District Local Government of Mubende Town
P.O Box 93,Mubende Uganda
Phone: +256-392080149
Email Address:

Hoima Municipal Council HQ
District Local Government Hoima, Kampala Road
P.O.Box 149, Hoima, Uganda
Phone: +256 772 566776
. Email Address:

Nansana Municipal Council HQ
District Local Governance Nansana Town Wakiso
P.O Box 7218, Kampala Uganda
Phone: +256 702 459893, +256 704 308272
Contact Email:

Masaka Municipal Council HQ
District Local Government Plot 11 Elgin Street
P.O.BOX Masaka, 201 Masaka
Phone: +256 751000910
Mail Address


  1. The money lending and savings institution License is not granted unless the person applying for the license has an Eligibility Trading License certificate (hereinafter referred to as the certificate) issued according to the requirements of this section. the certificate must be required for each distinct License every License granted in violation of this article shall be null and void.
  2. Any person carrying out business in Municipality/Division/Town/City/Kampala City Council Authority’s jurisdiction except those who are exempted under Section 8(2) of the Trade Licensing Act are eligible to obtain Trading license for Money Lending and Savings institution -Grade I

The businesses that are exempted comprise, among other things, those listed below:

  • Any transaction that is conducted in an exchange.
  • The business of a gardener, farmer, planter or dairy farmer with regard to the sales of their own dairy or agricultural product.
  • A person’s trade with respect to goods that are bonafide created by him or her using their handicraft at the place in which he or she is residing, or by the craft of those who are not living in the same house as him or her or who are employees or members of their family


Municipal Council Grade I
Application Fees: None

  • (a) Grade I – 487,500 Ugsh
  • (b) (b) II 262,500 Ugsh
  • (c) (c) Grade III 195,000 Ugsh
  • (d) (d) IV 105,000 Ugsh

Municipal Council Renewal Fees:

  • (a) Grade I – 487,500 Ugsh
  • (b) Grade II – 262,500 Ugsh
  • (c) 3. Grade 195,000 Ugsh
  • (d) (d) IV 105,000 Ugsh


Validity: 1 Year.

Examples of Documents

Application Form.

Processing Time

Maximum Processing Time: 2 Day


  • The license granted for the loan and savings institution is valid up to the 31st day of December each year. It is also possible to renew every year.
  • The license cannot be transferred or transferable or assignable. After it is issued the license has to be displayed on every location where the money lending and savings institution conducts business in money lending.
  • The Regulations stipulate that money lending institutions to have an address in a physical location and keep and preserve records related to the business they operate for a time which is 10 years. This is the same timeframe required for financial institutions as per the Anti-Money Laundering Act.
  • Additionally, lenders are required to show interest charges constantly in a prominent location on their premises and keep correct books of account as well as an account of the securities and debtors. This improves transparency within the company and increase trust in the money lending.
  • The regulations require money lending and savings institutions to assess the suitability and integrity of the management committee of an institution as well as all those who are employed by or is associated in the business of the loan lender. This is similar to the appropriate and fit test carried out on the management and board of a financial institution.
  • The Regulations will curb the previously unorthodox practice of a saving and lending institutions that keep crucial documents of borrowers to ensure the loan’s repayment, which is basically keeping the borrower hostage.
  • A savings and loan institution cannot sell collateral until 60 days have been passed since a request for repayment was placed to the lender.
  • The aim of this License is to regulate trade of for money Lending and Savings institutions – Grade I. Uganda.

The Information You Need

  1. Names of Applicant, Physical and Postal Address of the Applicant
  2. Lawful Status for the applicant
  3. The List and Particulars of Shareholders;
  4. Certificate of Registration
  5. Certificate of Incorporation
  6. Memorandum as well as Articles of Association
  7. Deed of Partnership
  8. Deed of Trust, in the manner appropriate
  9. Information on whether the shareholder been found guilty of a crime in Uganda or any other country.
  10. Director’s List and Particulars.
  11. Information if you’ve obtained a Licence. You must state the purpose of the Licence, the date it was issued and the number of your Licence

Information that can be useful

  • Grade I zones to include all industrial zones in District and Municipality. Municipality as well as District.
  • Grade II areas that include all areas that are not Grade I areas within the Municipality.
  • Grade III areas are trade centers District.
  • Grade IV areas which are areas outside of the trading centers in the District.

The following link comprises of Grading of the Areas in the Division/Municipality/Town/City/District. Grading Link

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