How to Apply for Mooring License or Permit In Bermuda

Apply for Mooring License or Permit In Bermuda by yourself

  1. Go to the Department of Marine and Port Services office to get the application form for Mooring License
  2. Complete the application form, and attach the necessary documents to the application form.
  3. Visit the department of port and marine services office to complete your application in full.
  4. The application fee is to be paid as per the requirements.
  5. The Department will examine the application and perform an inspection of the location you’ve requested.
  6. If the examination conducted finds that you are in compliance with all the conditions the application will be accepted.
  7. After that, you will be informed via mail regarding the outcome for your submission (Approved and/or rejected ).
  8. If the location is approved, you must make sure to register your location with the department of port and marine services within 28 days of approval, or else your application will be canceled.
  9. Once you have registered, you’ll receive an mooring decal that must be put in place and the decal should be affixed within two weeks of registering the location.

Note Note: There are two methods to get mooring: apply for a new one or purchase an existing one. be aware that new moorings are not always difficult to get. In order to acquire an existing mooring, you must that you have a current mooring licence handed over to you. It is also a good idea to signify your name. the procedure for this is printed in the reverse of the license.

  Required Documents For Apply for Mooring License or Permit 

  • Application form
  • Boot registration documents
  • Identification form

Contact the department for additional documentation that is required.

Office Locations and Contacts

Department of Marine and Port Services:
Mooring Section and Boats
Old Paget Post Office Site
Middle Road, 108. Middle Road
Contact: (441)294-0419 or (441)294-0420
Fax:( 441)295-5523


  • You must own a registered boat registered in your name


  • $100

Processing Time

  • In just 4 months, you will complete the entire process.


  • Use a marker that has an oversized weight in the exact area you’re applying to. Choose white Clorox because they are simple to find. If you are using a different type of bottle, please indicate the type on the application form that floats and buoys are not recommended because they can be confusing and are difficult to locate in areas with many floating moorings.
  • Make sure your name is written prominently on the label, along with the “APPLIED for” decal. Bottles without a name or decal will not be accepted to be approved.
  • If no marker is found at the time of inspection and the inspection is completed, you will be informed and offered a second chance to put markers. After two inspections and there is still no marker is found, the application is rejected.
  • After your spot has been declared to be a legitimate anchoring, you are responsible to keep it buoyed , and labeled with a valid decal in all times. The department will be monitoring your area on a regular basis. Any unmarked or outdated moorings will be being deemed illegal and can be removed from the site or have the license may be revoked.

Documentation is needed

  • Mooring Licenses prove that a space has been let to you to dock your vessel

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