How to Apply for National Health Fund (NHF) Grant In Jamaica

Apply for National Health Fund (NHF) Grant In Jamaica By Yourself

  1. Institutions that require help in finishing projects that relate to the delivery of health care in Jamaica are eligible to apply for the National Health Fund (NHF) Grand by submitting the full application in NHF head office. NHF head office. Please look up the NHF contact information via the following link: Link
  2. Get your Grant Request Form for NHF office, or download it from the NHF website. Click here to download the form. you can obtain the application directly by clicking the following link: Link
  3. Read the form thoroughly and fill it out as instructed Then, write an official cover note addressed to Chief Executive Officers of NHF with a clear explanation of the details of the project you’re applying for the grant for . This letter must have the signature of the chief of the organization that is requesting it e.g. Regional Director, President
  4. Prepare the remaining supporting documents and include them with the application form in its entirety and cover letter as one file
  5. Visit the NHF headquarters and submit your application complete NHF office in the service center
  6. The official will accept your application and send it to the appropriate officials to get their approval
  7. The NHF appropriate authority will review your application to see if it’s complete and meets all the standards required for approval
  8. When your request is submitted in a timely manner, it will be approved , and you will be informed of the approval via an appropriate communication channel
  9. The grant will be processed and distributed to you by check or wired to your account.

Required Documents For Apply for National Health Fund (NHF) Grant

  1. Project Proposal template that is signed by the leader of the business, e.g., CEO or President, etc.
  2. Completed Grant request Form
  3. Project Proposal: Link
  4. Documents supporting estimates of project costs, e.g., Quotation pro forma invoices the summary of Bill of Quantities
  5. Work drawings or architectural plans pertinent to the phase in the process (11″ 17″ x 11″ dimension of paper)
  6. Specifications for equipment to be bought under the project
  7. Documentation of any self-financing component of the project e.g. bank statement or other types of commitment
  8. Approval letter or other documents supporting it from the institutions that provide counterpart funds

Office Locations and Contacts

National Health Fund (Head Office)Address: The Towers 6th Floor 25 Dominica Drive, Kingston 5
Tel: 1-(876)-906-1106 / 906-2293/ 906-9667/
908-2992/ 908-3913/ 908-3106/ 906-0756
Fax: 1-(876)-906-1105 / 754-2640

NHF Pharmaceutical Division
78 Marcus Garvey Drive
Kingston 13
Tel: 1-(876)-923-6926-8, 923-6920
Fax: 1-(876)-923-7159
NHF Contacts and Locations: Link


Institutions in need of assistance developing projects that relate to the delivery of healthcare in Jamaica. They could be:

  • Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)
  • Community-based organizations
  • Ministry of Health
  • Regional Health Authorities
  • Other institutions of the Government


  • Free


  • Grants are valid during the requested period of time if it is the grant is approved

Documents to Utilize

  • Request for grant Form: Link

Processing Time

  • Between 20 and 55 days.


  • It is your responsibility to report on the development of your Project to NHF each month. Please look over the template of reporting instructions at this hyperlink: Link

Requirements Information

  • Information about the project
  • A description of the plan
  • The type of project
  • Estimate project value
  • Grant request amount
  • Project duration

Need to have the Document

  • The Grant will help you with the completion of a health project in Jamaica

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