How To Apply for National Identity (Number) Card (NIN) In Gambia

How To Apply for National Identity (Number) Card (NIN) In Gambia

  • To apply for an National Identity Card, you have to complete the application form GID-001.
  • Send originals and copies of the supporting documents.
  • Pay the prescribed amount.
  • In order to apply for National Identity (ID) Card requires applicants to take the interview process with one of the Immigration Officer.
  • The photo you submit will be made for free at GAMBIS station. GAMBIS station.
  • When you are ready, you’ll be able pick up the ID card.

Documents that are required National Identity (Number) Card (NIN)

acceptable supporting documents for:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Gambian Passport
  • Voters Card
  • Form GID-008-District Seyfo/ Alkalo Attestation form
  • Registration/ Naturalization Certificate

Office Locations and Contacts

Republic of The Gambia

Private Bag of Mail Bag

State House,

Banjul, The Gambia.

General Information Line: (220)-4223811

Site Location of GAMBIS offices:

What Are All The Eligibility

All Gambian citizens above 18 years old.


Cost of Application (non-refundable) 200

Documents to Utilize

To download application form:

Processing Time

The GAMBIS representative will notify you when you should return for your card upon payment. The greatest effort is made in ensure that the cards are taken care of within a single business day.

The Document is required National Identity (Number) Card (NIN)

An identity document can be described as any document that can be used to confirm certain aspects of an individual’s identity.

Information that can be useful

Commonly asked questions

What exactly is it? GAMBIS Project?

The Gambia Biometric Identity System (GAMBIS) project is the first global multi-layered biometric identification management system. Through this system, Gambia government Gambia will collect biometric information for all foreigners and citizens who reside in this country.National Identity Card, Residential/Work Permits, and Driving Licenses. In the near future this GAMBIS project will comprise passports, Visas Birth certificates, certificates of death, and marriage certificates.

What’s a National Identification number (NIN)?

It will be displayed on the back of your card. It is an identification number that can be closely matched to your fingerprint. It is important to remember the number and be prepared to use it in numerous transactions. It is mandatory to present your National Identification Number to renew or replace your identity card.

Why do I have to supply copies of the documents?

It is an obligation of law for it is a legal requirement that the Gambia Immigration Department keep records of the identity cards issued. To ensure compliance with the lawful requirements it is mandatory to ensure that copies of all supporting documents be kept along with the application form.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

  • It is the National ID card is used as one of the requirements when applying for the Gambian Driver License.

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