How To Apply for Neutral Identification Card In Georgia

How To Apply for Neutral Identification Card In Georgia

To get an Neutral Identification Card at your home, you must complete the online application form found on the site that is part of Public Service Hall. Public Service Hall Application Form upload your photograph, provide additional documents legally required or contact the remote service operator and in face-to face online communication method, express your desire to be granted a Neutral Identification Card.

The application for the distance method can be submitted in person by an adult legal residents of either the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia or the Tskhinvali Region and by parents, or any other legal representative of a minor or incompetent person.

Documents that are required Neutral Identification Card

If a person is applying to get an application for the Neutral Identification Card first time, the following documents should be submitted:

  • Passports of the Soviet Union. Soviet Union
  • Birth certificate
  • Another document to establish identity

along with each of the of the following:

  • Document that establishes the legality of residence within Abkhazia or Tskhinvali regions
  • Receipt for verification of payment for the release of Neutral Identification Card
  • Biometric photograph.

Office Locations and Contacts

The following link gives contact information from the Public Service Development Agency as well as associated Territorial Offices: office contact information

How To Apply for Neutral Identification Card In Georgia
How To Apply for Neutral Identification Card In Georgia

Locations on Map of Public Service Hall : Office Locations

What Are All The Eligibility

A neutral Identification Card is provided to legal people of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali Region who do not have an Georgian citizens ‘ identification card.


You can pay the cost for the issue of a Neutral Identification Card using an electronic card available on the website when you fill out the online application form or via an ATM cash transaction at a bank. In this case it is required to show the receipt that confirms that you have paid the fee in Public Service Hall. Public Service Hall.

Documentation is needed

This guideline provides information on applying for an Neutral ID Card for Georgia. It is a Neutral Identification Card acts as an ID document which proves one’s identity as well as the place of residence within the state of Georgia.



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