How to Apply for New Water Connection (BWS) In Belize

Apply for New Water Connection (BWS) In Belize By Online

There are two methods by the water connection is acquired.

Apply In Person

  1. You will need to go to any of BWS Customer Service Representatives (CSR).
  2. Also, ensure that you have the required documents which are listed in the required documents section of this page.
  3. You must fill out and fill out the application form, which is available at CSR office. CSR office.
  4. The CSR will conduct a verification within the system to verify whether you had a prior account with the company, or an outstanding balance. The information is given directly to the CSR. You must either clear or arrange to pay off any balances that remain unpaid.
  5. If you provided an meter number, or had CSR confirm the presence of a meter on the location, you will be required to pay the payment. (In the instance that the meter on the property was not disconnected for longer than 6 (6) months, or there were no any illegal activity was detected) If the meter is not connected to the property or if it was disconnected for longer than 6 (6) months or has a if there is evidence of illegal activities , a inspection of the site will be needed. This is expected to take at least the duration of two (2) two (2) days.
  6. After the inspection of the site is completed, CSR will notify you that you are able to visit the office to pay for the inspection.
  7. If there is a meter on the site and just requires the removal of the pin, the connection will take place within one day, but not longer than two business days. If it is required to install of a meter, the connection will take one to three days.

Fill out the application on-line

  1. The applicants are able to submit their applications online through the BWS website.
  2. How to Apply for New Water Connection (BWS) In Belize
    How to Apply for New Water Connection (BWS) In Belize
  3. Click the Register to Create an Account
  4. Complete the registration form, indicating your email address. This will be your User ID.
  5. Click Agree to Terms and conditions of service.
  6. Complete your General Information form, youll require your account number, in the event that you have more than one account, you can add them in the Security tab after your account has been created.
  7. In the next step, you will be able to enter the payment method you wish to use or you could leave this step out.
  8. You can complete the registration procedure and log into your account.

The following link gives more information that you can use to help : More Information

Required Document For Apply for New Water Connection (BWS)

  • An ID that is valid (social identity card or passport or driver’s license)
  • If you are an enterprise customer, you’re required to carry an unsigned request written on the letterhead of your company and the person authorized carry out the transaction on company’s behalf must possess a valid identification card.
  • Lease agreement or rent receipt (if leasing the property)
  • A Landlord’s authorization stating that he/she has granted permission for the installation of the meter at the address
  • If the building you’re changing into is equipped with a meters # take the number of meters to allow the process to go quicker.

Office Locations and Contacts

Belize Water Service Limited
7. Central American Blvd
P.O.Box 150 Belize City
Toll Free: 0800 CALL BWS or 0800 BWS LEAK
or call Belize City on 222-4757
Website: http://www.bws.bzor

The Information You Need

  • Property Number
  • Property Information about the Location
  • Email address
  • Number of the phone (cell phone or home number)

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