How to Apply for Non-Governmental Organization Work Permit In Uganda

Apply for Non-Governmental Organization Work Permit In Uganda By Yourself

  • Non-governmental organizations (NGO) is an un-profit, voluntary citizen organization that operates at a national, local or international scale.
  • Non-profit organizations are not eligible to be granted work permits when their work permit application isn’t fully compliant.
  • Volunteers need a permit to work. But, they must to show proof of the way they will be able to be able to survive in Uganda without earning a living.
  • All jobs must be advertised at the very least an National circulation Newspaper in Uganda prior to the process of recruitment.

Application In Person

  • To apply for a work permit, applicants need first get in touch with at the Non-Governmental Organizations Bureau Board offices to make a recommendation to Directorate of Citizen and Immigration control to issue a work permits.
  • Foreigners interested in working with NGO’s should submit their formal request for work permit to the Director Executive of Citizenship and Immigration control to obtain a work permission.
  • This endorsement can be obtained by filling out a Work Permit Endorsement form that can be found in the Directorate of Citizenship and immigration control office. The form can be obtained from the Non-Governmental Organization’s Board Website and filled out prior to.
  • The filled-in application form should be submitted along with all necessary documents. This includes:
  1. An appropriately filled application for Renewal or Issuance of Permit from the Immigration Department
  2. Report on Employment from the immigration Department.
  3. Letter of Appointment and Employment contract from the employer
  4. All pertinent copies of the certificates of applicants as well as a detailed Curriculum Notice of the candidate
  5. A certified photocopy of applicant’s Passport
  6. One (1) passport-sized photo(in either grey or white backgrounds)
  7. A copy of the advertisement that was published in at the very least the one National Circulation Daily Newspaper in Uganda of the position required
  8. Questions to be asked during interviews, both long and brief list of applicants that include (name age, nationality, age as well as sex, contact numbers and credentials)
  9. The Understudy will be required to be able to assume the job at the time of expiration of the work permission
  10. Give a complete listing of all employees within the company, including their names, nationalities title, job title, email address , and mobile phone numbers.
  11. If any document is written in a different language than English an exact replica of the document translated into English language should be attached.
  12. Criminal clearances certificate is an equivalent to a certificate of conduct Uganda by the candidate’s country of Origin for first-time applications. It has to be authenticated by any registered local lawyer, and accompanied by a criminal clearance certificate issued by CID Uganda for all renewals.
  13. Copy of permit from previous to renew permits.
  • You must then pay the processing costs and then submit your receipts at Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control. Directorate of Citizenship and immigration control offices.
  • After the process is completed we will get an update via Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control within 30 days. Directorate of Citizenship and immigration control within 30 days.

Required Documents For Apply for Non-Governmental Organization Work Permit

  1. Letter of cover addressed to the executive director of the National Bureau for NGOs;
  2. List of local and foreign personnel working for the NGO with their job title, as well as the time frame of their contracts ;
  3. Evidence of a failed recruitment plan for Uganda succession plan, or justification for foreign employees
  4. Registered constitution, memorandum of association or articles of association, organizational chart;
  5. Certificat of incorporation validly permits to run an NGO through the NGO Bureau;
  6. Appointment/ invitation letter;
  7. Photocopy of the contract or agreement;
  8. Good conduct certificate, i.e. for a new applicant;
  9. Curriculum Vitae( CV/Resume);
  10. Photocopy of copies certified by academic documents;
  11. Photocopy of passport biodata page
  12. Photocopy of the immigration status.

Office Locations and Contacts

Directorate of Citizenship and immigration control. Ministry of Internal Affairs
Plot 75, Jinja rd.
P.O.Box 791, Kampala
Passport Control office: +256-414-342561
Legal Department: +256-414-222573
Immigration Department: +256-414-231641
Fax: +256 424 434 088
Site: ministry of internal Affairs

Uganda Registration Services Bureau
Lot 5 George Street, Georgian House
P.O.Box Box 6848 Kampala Uganda
URSB General Line: +256 414 233 219
Registrar General: +256 414 235 915
Fax Line: +256 414 250 712
Website: Uganda Registration service Bureau


Non-citizen employees of Non-Governmental Organizations are eligible to apply for the visa.


  • Class G (Expatriate Employment)(6 Months) -US$ 800 + US$ 1,000
  • Class G (Expatriate Employment) (12 Months)-US$ 1500 +US$ 2,500
  • Class G (Expatriate Employment) (24 Months)-US$ 1500 +US$3,500


Validity of the endorsement lasts one year.

Processing Time

It takes about 30 days to have the form submitted.


  • Send a letter of inquiry to the executive director of the board.
  • Make sure to fill in all application forms and send the necessary documentation to NGO Board offices
  • Make the appropriate payments and provide the proof of payment along in the request.
  • Get approval before collecting the work permit within 30 days.

The Information You Need

  • Name of the organization.
  • Addresses for physical and postal addresses of the organization.
  • The telephone number and the E-mail address of the company.
  • Name of employee
  • Job title
  • Address of residence
  • Passport ( Number , Date of issue, Date of issue , and date of expiry )
  • The personal details of the person for whom the permit is required
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Employee’s qualifications
  • Employees’ qualifications
  • Type of Application
  • Motives to Seek an Expatriate
  • The advertisement details for the job.
  • Details on details of Ugandan Citizen Understudy.
  • List of expatriates working within the organization.
  • List of Uganda with key positions in the organisation.

Documentation is needed

  • This application permits an Non-Governmental Organization which wishes to employ foreign workers who are not currently holder of an employment permit to be approved of a work permit employees from the Non – Governmental Organisation Board.

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