How to Apply for Oil Exploration Licence (OELs) In Uganda

Apply for Oil Exploration Licence (OELs) In Uganda By Online

How to apply for the Oil Exploration Licence,

  • The five stages you need to follow to register for the Oil Exploration License in Uganda.

Step 1.This stage involves making an application using the heading paper of your firm to the Minister of Energy and Mineral Development requesting for a license to explore oil or a lease, demonstrating the required expertise and technical know-how as well as the finances to be able to successfully operate Exploration of oil.
Second step
Bring the original application along with the ID of the person paying to the closest institution to make payment for registration application form. There is a possibility to pay online using your ATM card for the registration fee.
Three Steps
Then, attach the necessary documents that are required, such as the company’s certificate of registration, profile of directors, Bank statement, Partnering company or organization in exploration, proof of previous technical expertise from oil exploration work The location of the business, phone contact, email address, or the web site of the company, mission and goals of the business, Etc. Proof of payment for registration.Take an application with you to petroleum department resources Registration department.
Step Four
Complete your application form and submit it to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development department of registration to explore the oil center together with authentic copies of your business information, details, and the particulars of your reference (a valid business license, insurance certificate evidence of ownership of the business, and a certification of competence) to verify. The details of your company will be entered into the database.
Phase Five
After successfully capturing your information into the database, a temporary slip is issued to you to serve as proof of registration, pending acceptance of your application for approval or rejection based on the final decision by the Board. If you are sure that the Minister of Energy and Mineral Development is satisfied with the work performed and the report submitted to the licensee. He then authorizes by writing to Department Petroleum Resource Department Petroleum Resource to grant the license for exploration of oil to the applicant. Following the Board decision is made, you will be notified by an email, a phone SMS or call to inform you that your oil exploration permit is available to pick up in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development in the place where you signed up.
Note II
The Minister of Energy and Mineral Development is responsible for making regulations on matters relating to oil prospecting licences(OPLs)and oil mining leases(OMLs),including matters relating to safe working, enquiries into accidents and the prevention of pollution of water courses and the atmosphere/ The License for oil exploration is granted by the Minister who depends on the recommendation of the Directorate of Geology survey and Mines and in accordance with guidelines, impose special terms and conditions that are to be followed in oil exploration: The minister consider the following to take a decision of issuing a license,

  • participation of the Government in the project that the lease or license is related and on terms to be discussed by the Minister with the party applying for the lease or license and
  • Exploitation of natural gas found.

If the applicant isn’t in breach of the terms of the Act regarding any lease or license that the Act applies, including the specific terms and conditions set out in the Act the license may be cancelled.
Note II
Land ownership does not grant title to the petroleum resources within the subsoil. All ownership and control of the petroleum resources remain within Uganda’s Government of Uganda. The license to explore oil is not applicable to any company from the indigenous community operating in the sector of upstream whose production total is less than the equivalent of fifty thousand barrels per day natural gas or crude oil equivalent. Each step required to process the license must be completed in order to obtain the license. The first step is to be aware that oil exploration is only valid with the approval of the Minister responsible for petroleum resources, and upon satisfying the following requirements:

  • is reputable or is a part of a group of businesses that have a good reputation or is controlled by a corporation or other companies that have a excellent reputation.
  • Have the technical expertise and experience, as well as the funds to be able to successfully perform under the licence or lease.
  • To renew, it must be done at least three months prior to the expiration date on the licence.

Required Documents For Apply for Oil Exploration Licence (OELs)

  • A filled-in Application Form
  • A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation
  • A certified copy of the Memorandum and the Articles of Association.
  • A True Copy of the Form.
  • A bank draft drawn to the benefit by the Government of Uganda
  • A copy of the bank draft
  • A copy of the current tax clearance certificate.
  • A VAT Certificate of VAT
  • A Profile of the Company
  • An extensive Staff List as well as Curriculum Vitae of the most important employees,
  • A list of equipment facilities for the company.
  • DRP Endorsed Demand for Expatriate Quota
  • A Training and Development Program to Ugandan Staff
  • The registration is done by the relevant professional body
  • A copy of the technical contract of the MOU with Ugandan business/DPR Accredited lab.
  • The current policy on workers’ compensation for employees.
  • Safety, Community Affairs Health Environment and Security,
  • A copy of the current Medical and Retainership agreements to the Hospital or Clinic.
  • Copy of company ID for staff who are responsible for handling the company’s employees.

Office Locations and Contacts

Directorate of Geological Survey and Mines
Address: Plot 21-29,Johnstone Road
Address: P.O.Box 9,Entebbe, Uganda
Phone: +256 414 320656,+256 312 262902
Site: Ministry of Energy

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development.
Amber House, Lot 29/33, Kampala Road
P.O.B Kampala,Uganda
Telephone : +256 414 344 414
Fax +256 414 2234 732 +256 414 220
Web site: Ministry of Energy and Mineral development


  • All stakeholders, including companies, that wish to investigate oil and gas-related services in Uganda.
  • Any business that is qualified according to the terms and conditions as prescribed at any time by the pertinent Institutions can apply to be granted or awarded of a lease, license or contract according to the circumstances be, for exploration and production of oil to management of petroleum resources. Management of Petroleum Resources.


Rents, application fees and royalties are due with respect to OELs, OPLs, and OMLs.Under the Petroleum Act the application fee for an Oil Petroleum Licence is US$10,000 and the fee to apply for an OML is US$500,000. Other fees to be paid include:

  • Processing costs.
  • Fees to be paid on renewal application of an OML.
  • Fees payable upon the transfer or transfer of the OPL or OML


  • There isn’t a definitive timeframe for either Environmental Impact Assessments Act or EGASPIN with respect to EIA. Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)process. The duration of the process is usually contingent on many factors, such as how long the project and its location , and Department of Petroleum Resources’ turnaround times.

Documents to Utilize

Processing Time

The process can take between three to six months.


  • Candidates must be present in person.
  • Applicant is subject to further assessment by relevant divisions/ department
  • Companies that do not renew their license for more than 3 consecutively will have their license considered to be new.

Requirements Information

  • A copy of the Bank Draft
  • A copy of the current Declaration of Tax Clearance.
  • A VAT Certificate of VAT
  • A Profile of the Company
  • A complete Staff List and Curriculum Vitae of key employees,
  • A list of equipment facilities to the business.
  • DRP Endorsed Request for Expatry Quota
  • A Training and Development Program to Ugandan Staff
  • The registration is done by the relevant professional body
  • A copy of the technical contract of an MOU signed with Ugandan company/Department of Petroleum Resources Accredited Laboratory.
  • Current Workmen s compensation policy.

Information that can be useful

  • Although there isn’t individual ownership rights to the petroleum or gas in Uganda the government permits private citizens to have rights to prospect, investigate and mine for gas and oil. Oil exploration license (OEL) This is the licensee for the non-exclusive right of exploration for gas and oil within the scope within the granted area.
  • This License grants the exclusive rights for exploration on subsurface and surface to produce petroleum within an area of not exceeding 2590 sq. km. (1000 sq.miles) in size.
  • The OPL will be granted to the inland basins initially for a time period of 3 (3) years, with the possibility of renewal for the maximum that is 2 (2) year. For deep water blocks as well as frontier basins, the exploration period is 10 (10) years. It is divided into two five-year intervals that automatically roll over until the period is canceled due to non-performance.
  • The control over the gas and oil industry is carried out by Government institutions, such as:
    • Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (Ministry).
    • The Directorate of Geological Survey and Mines (DGSM)
    • Uganda National Petroleum Authority (UNPA).
  • The Directorate of Geological Survey and Mines is the primary agency accountable for the processing of all applications for leases and licences for the oil and gas business.
  • Third parties are permitted to obtain working or participation rights in mineral rights by signing JOAs (JOAs). The farm out is also permissible to transfer a portion of the mineral right or a participation interest in the execution of obligations.
  • The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (Ministry) has the primary supervision of the gas and oil industry. This means that the Ministry is accountable in the development, execution and coordination of policies of the government for the sector.

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