How to Apply For Obtain a Duplicate / Temporary Replacement Driving License in Denmark

Apply For Obtain a Duplicate / Temporary Replacement Driving License in Denmark

Obtaining duplicate driver’s license

  • To get a duplicate license, contact the local authorities to determine whether you’re eligible for obtaining an additional driver’s license. A list of the different cities in Denmark
  • Make sure you submit all the necessary documents and pay the appropriate fee.

Temporary replacement driver’s license

The license type is issued with a shorter period, generally not more than one year. You can request temporary replacement driver’s license in the following situations:

  • If you’ve lost your driver’s license , or has been revoked due to wear tear, and you have to travel abroad (except the countries of Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) and it’s impossible to get an original before you need for leaving the country.
  • If you’re abroad and are prohibited in driving, or other situations where your license must be turned over to the authority for foreign driving licenses to register or your license is withdrawn administratively.

The temporary replacement driver’s license is issued using a credit card format, so they follow the same process of production similar to other driver’s credit card licenses.

Required Documents For Obtain a Duplicate / Temporary Replacement Driving License


To verify your identity, carry a previously issued license under the EU model, or your current passport. If you don’t possess any of these options, bring your baptismal certificate or birth certificate, or name or health card, or any other acceptable identity document, especially ones that include a photograph of you. Documents that prove your identity have to come from a government authority.

If you’ve received an identification document , but the date of birth or place are not clearly stated on the document, you must present a proof of identity with your birth date and location are clearly identified.

If your complete name and the one you are using does not appear on your identification documents If this is the case, you could be asked to show proof of the name change with an official marriage certificate, certification of name, or other documentation from the marriage authority, or the register of population.

Other documents you might be asked to submitinclude:

  • Photos of samples
  • If you’re not a Danish or a Nordic citizen or are legally allowed to remain in Denmark You must carry an official residence permit or a residence permit.
  • If you’re in a foreign country and you’re prohibited from driving, in other instances that require the license to be handed over to the authority responsible for driving licenses in foreign countries and you have to show proof from the foreign authority proving that they have the license.

Office Locations and Contacts

Road Safety CouncilLers Avenue 111
2100 Copenhagen
Phone: 3916 3939
Fax: 3916 3940

How to Apply For Obtain a Duplicate / Temporary Replacement Driving License in Denmark
How to Apply For Obtain a Duplicate / Temporary Replacement Driving License in Denmark

List of various municipalities in Denmark

Danish Police
Station 14, police station
DK-1780 Copenhagen V
Tel. 33 14 88 88
For locating the Police Station

What are all the Eligibility

You can obtain duplicate drivers licenses in the following circumstances:

  • You lose the driver’s licence that was issued in Denmark or you can apply for a new one in the EU or EEA (Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein).
  • If your license is damaged or damaged or worn (text or numbers, stamps, photos etc. cannot be read easily).
  • If you’d like to get an credit card-type driver’s license
  • If you wish to alter the name of the document, you can do so by changing the name.


Costs for obtaining an additional driving license and temporary replacement license for driving:

  • License duplicates issued with the exception of the categories AM (small and large mopeds) 220 DKK
  • Duplicate licence for the AM category (small or large moped) 120 DKK
  • Temporary replacement of licences, with the exception of classes AM (small and large mopeds) 170 DKK
  • Temporary replacement for licenses to use category AM (small or large moped) 120 DKK


The following driving licenses are typically valid for 15 years:

  • AM (small and large mopeds)
  • A1 (small motorcycle)
  • A2 (medium bike)
  • A (big bike)
  • B (regular car)
  • B E (car with a large trailer)
  • Driving licence for power equipment and tractor

The below driving licenses are usually valid for five years:

  • C1 (small truck)
  • C (lorry)
  • D1 (small bus)
  • D (large bus)
  • C1 /E, C /E D1 /E, D E (above with a large trailer)
  • Driving license for commercial passenger.

The validity of your driver’s license could be less than five years based on your age and medical condition.

If you are at the time of issuance of the license, you are aged between 65 and 70 years old, the license is valid for 5 years. If you are older than 70 years of age at the time of issuance the validity of the license will be in the following manner:

  • For people aged between 70-71 years old age: 4 years
  • For those who are between 71 and 72 years old 3 years
  • For those who are between the ages of 72 and 80 2 years
  • For those who are over 80 years old 1 year

Temporary Replacment: 1 Month

The Document is required

A driver’s license is a legally valid license issued by the State. It certifies a person’s capability to drive a motorized automobile like a motorcycle or car, truck, or bus, on a roadway that is public. The laws that govern the issue of licenses differ in each jurisdiction.

If you’ve lost your driver’s licence, you can apply for an additional driver’s license that is meant to replace the license that you had originally.

Here are the steps on how to get a duplicate driving license.

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