How to Apply For Obtain Certificate of Origin in Egypt

Apply For Obtain Certificate of Origin in Egypt in Online

  • To receive the certificate of origin applicants must apply via the website of GOEIC The application procedure must be completed in any of GOEIC branches.
  • The applicant must be a member of GOEIC. GOEIC site: link
  • How to Apply For Obtain Certificate of Origin in Egypt
    How to Apply For Obtain Certificate of Origin in Egypt
  • The user needs to click “Users Login” at the top of the site and then enter the “Username” as well as the “Password” and then click “Login” to sign in to the website.
  • The user has to follow the directions as directed and fill in the required information.
  • In the event that the user’s a brand new user, they need to select “Users Login” and click on “New Account”.
  • The user needs to input all information and credentials in order to proceed.
  • The contact details and branches link of GOEC is included in the “Office Contacts and Locations” part of the process.

Required Documents For Obtain Certificate of Origin

  • Application for Certificate of Origin (Form 8bis Export)
  • Bills approved by exporter from the exporter
  • Affirmed copy of the statistical form
  • Exporter approval:
  • Acknowledgment of the local component (form attached)
  • Acknowledgment of exports is required by a the certification (1) (Eur-Med). (forms attached)
  • In relation to the products of productive projects that are being developed in zone of free trade, the chief of free zones must be able to confirm that the product was manufactured within the free zones.

Formularies required used for Certificates of Origin:

  • Emblem that is used by the Arab League according to Agreement of Facilitation and Promotion of Commercial Exchange between Arab Countries.
  • Arabic version of the an agreement that allows for commercial exchange.
  • Form for Pass Certificate (Eur.1) as per Egyptian The Egyptian European Partnership Agreement.
  • Eur-Med Certificate Form as per the agreements that were signed by Agadir, EFTA, Free Trade between Egypt and Turkey.
  • Form for Certificate of Origin (Form.A) as per the General System of Preference (GSP).
  • Certificate of Origin Form (G.S.T.P) in accordance with G.S.T.P., the global system of trade preferences.
  • COMESA Certificate Formulation in accordance with COMESA Agreement.
  • The form of the textile Product Certificate issued with Eur.1 certification if needed.

Office Locations and Contacts

Arab Republic of Egypt Ministry of Trade and Industry
General Organization for Export and Import Control
headquarters: electronic building located at Cairo Air port in front of the cargo village
Toll Free Number 08006667666
Hotline: 19591
Branches and Offices Network of GOEIC:: link
Contact link: link

What are all the Eligibility

  • The customer needs to have an active account with e-services through the portal online.


  • A cost of 1. L.E for the issuance of Certificate of Origin. Certificate of Origin.
  • The cost of a Certificate of Origin is 25 piasters. This is to be used for Emblem of Arab League, an agreement between the two parties, COMESA and G.S.T.P.

The cost of a Certificate of Origin is 3.20 L.E in accordance with the decision of the Minister of Commerce and Industry in 8/10/2009 for FORM.A and the price of which is EUR .1 as well as EUR .MED

Processing Time

It takes between 5 and 10 minutes.


A Egyptian Certificate of Origin is an important document used in international trade which proves that the goods included that are part of an export shipment were entirely sourced from, manufactured, and processed by a certain country.

The Document is required

  • The Certificate of Origin, abbreviated as C/O or COO, is an important export document that is used in International trade to verify that the goods being exported are manufactured or processed within the United States. Certain countries require the use of a Certification of Origin for the export of specific products however a declaration of origin printed on a company letterhead can suffice in other nations. It is the duty for the exporter to confirm the requirements of the importer and the export regulations of the import country.
  • The purchasers (importers) typically need the Certificate of Origin to:
  • Meet the requirements of customs for the country of importation.
  • To meet quotas set by the country of import
  • Meet the requirements of banks
  • For commercial and official reasons



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