How To Apply for Ordinary Passport In Cote Divoire

How To Apply for Ordinary Passport In Cote Divoire

  • Applications should get Forms and other documents from the closest Immigration Office
  • Bring the passport forms along with two passport pictures to the Immigration Office in person to be processed.
  • Passport photos have to be color photographsthat measure 5 cm by 5cm (2 inches x two inches). The photo must have a fully-faced, with an off-white or white background. Photographs must not be taken wearing dark glasses or head-coverings apart from religious clothing that exposes the face, ears, and hairline.
  • The forms must be completed personally by the applicant to be submitted for acceptance by the Area Local Authority
  • After endorsement , the applicant must submit the passport application form and supporting documents to the cash office to be assessed and Bank payment Forms for advice.
  • Bring any ID you have like your birth certificate or driver’s license for proof of that you are a citizen to the immigration Office. If a police report has been issued regarding the lost or stolen passport and you have it, bring it along. Additional forms must be completed by the Immigration office.
  • Attach your bank statement that is verified to your passport application documents and give them to the reception official who is located at the Passport Receiving Section or at your local Immigration Office.
  • It is expected that the Immigration bureau will be processing the passport in several days.
  • You will need to provide proof of identification when you pick up your passport.

Documents that are required Ordinary Passport

  • Forms that have been duly approved.
  • Letter of cover from employer / School / Parents/Guardian or any other person well-known to applicants. The cover letter must address to Passport Control Officer.
  • Original and duplicate identity documents e.g voter’s card, birth certificates, school certificates residence ID, baptism card Employer’s card, etc.
  • Four passport-sized photos in a variety of colours with white backgrounds.

Recommendation of a citizen with good reputation

  • Documentation of professional experience
  • Any other information that can from time-to-time require the Passport Control Office

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministere D’etat, Ministere Des Affaires Etrangeres

Bloc Ministriel Boulevard Angoulvant, Abidjan


BP V109

Telephone: (+225) 20 32 08 88



Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Contact: (225) 20 32 08 88

Abidjan Plateau Bvd Agoulevant

BP V109 Abidjan, Cte d’Ivoire


Consulates and Embassies from Cte d’Ivoire Abroad

SNEDAI Cte d’Ivoire

BP 5 222 cidex

Tel:(+225) 22 52 82 80

Cel:(+225) 03 62 62 19



Cote dIvoires diplomatic representatives in other countries can be seen on

How To Apply for Ordinary Passport In Cote Divoire
How To Apply for Ordinary Passport In Cote Divoire

 or at

What Are All The Eligibility

Every citizen of the Cote Divoire are eligible to apply for an identity card.


Passport Fee: 40,000 francs CFA

It is not possible to refund the payment in the instance that the application was rejected by the authorities.


Valid for 10 years.

Processing Time

Collect your passport in person after 21 working days.


  • If married woman is the case, documentation proof of marriage is required.
  • If a child or person is who are younger than 18 years Written Consent from father or the legal guardian.
  • The application must be endorsed under section Act by an individual citizen of Cote Divoire who is not an immediate family member.
  • You must be a Bona Fide Ivory Coast citizen.

Requirements Information

The details that the applicant must fill out on the application form are:

  • Full name (in French and English Languages)
  • Date of Birth
  • The place of birth
  • Religion
  • The level of education and the date it was established
  • Job
  • Address
  • Home telephone number
  • Mobile phone number
  • Marital Status (and spouse’s name If applicable, spouse name)
  • National ID number
  • Previous passport number (if applicable)
  • References

Documentation is needed

  • A passport that is valid for six months from the period of time for which you plan to visit to the Ivory Coast is required by any national planning to travel to Cote Divoire. Cote Divoire passports will be given to residents of the ivory Coast for the purpose of traveling internationally. In addition to serving as evidence of Ivorian citizenship, they aid in the process of getting help by Cote Divoire consular officials in other countries when needed.
  • Passport forms can be obtained at the Embassy and are also available to be printed (from on the US State Department website. It is recommended to take your passports with you to the Consular Section with supporting documents to process.
  • If you are unable to connect online or printer, go to the Embassy of Cote Divoire in your Country of Origin, If you live located in Cote Divoire, you can go to within the Riviera Golf area of Abidjan. Cocody area of Abidjan for forms.

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