How To Apply for Passport In Australia

How To Apply for Passport In Australia

  1. Print and complete Print and complete a Passport Application Form. To download an application for, click on this link:
    How To Apply for Passport In Australia
    How To Apply for Passport In Australia


  2. Applications must be completed personally by a Australia Post outlet. To find the nearest Australia Post outlet that will accept your passport application, visit this website: An appointment might be necessary.
  3. Submit your application form.
  4. You can track the progress of your application and provide your personal details through this site:
  5. After you’ve tracked the progression of your application you will be able to access your Payment Service.

Documents Required Apply for Passport

Original document to prove you as an Australian nationality and identify:

  • Complete Australian birth certificate , issued by an Australian State or Territory Registry for Births, Deaths, and marriages. If your birth date was on or after 20 August 1986, you’ll also require proof you can prove that either of your parents (and in some instances grandparents) were an Australian national or permanent residence of Australia at the time of your birth.
  • Australian citizenship certificate issued through Australian citizenship certificates are issued by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (including an extract from the registry of the descent of citizenship or an extract from the registry of Australian births in other countries). When your Australian citizenship certificate does not contain sex, location or the country of birth, you must also show your birth certificates (with the official English translation, if needed). If this isn’t feasible, you will need to show your passport from abroad (and photocopies of the document confirming your personal information).
  • Your previous passport is required if you are applying for the simplified Passport Renewal process.

Note: If you’ve switched your names since your birth or when you gained Australian citizenship, then you might require proof of the change in your application.

The one of the three possible kinds of original documents to prove the authenticity of your persona:

  • Combination 1 1 document in category A. One document from category B.

Please note: If none of these documents show your current address, you’ll need a document from category C that shows your current address.

  • Combination 2 (if you are unable to supply combination 1.) Two Documents from the category of B. one official document that contains your photo
  • Combination 3 (if you are unable to provide all the documents needed in combination 1 or 2) at least three documents in category C, all of which show your name and address and one official document that contains your photo

Important Note – If select this combination C to prove your identity, it could be delayed in processing.

Categories Lists


To be lodged in Australia

  • Current driving licence provided by an Australian territory or state
  • Birth certificate issued by the Australian Register of Births and Deaths, and marriages (this is not an official birth certificate)

To lodge a request for lodging overseas

  • Current driving licence granted from one of the Australian Territory or state.
  • Birth certificate issued by the Australian Registry for Births, Deaths and marriages (this is not an actual birth certificate)
  • Identity card of foreign residency
  • Current foreign driving license


To be lodged in Australia

  • Medicare card, issued by Health Insurance Commission
  • Centrelink card is issued by Centrelink
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) card issued by DVA
  • Account card or credit card that is issued by an institution of finance located in Australia

To lodge a request for lodging overseas

  • The health card (issued through a government entity)
  • The Social Security card (issued from a central government entity)
  • Department of Veterans Affairs card (or similar card issued by an official government agency)
  • Bank account or credit card card
  • Insurance card of national significance (issued through a government agency)
  • Foreign passport


All documents submitted from category C must not be older than 12 months.
To be lodged in Australia as well as overseas

  • Registration of a motor vehicle or Insurance documents
  • Notice on property rates
  • A lease for property
  • Home insurance documents
  • Utility bills (e.g. electricity, telephone or gas)
  • Credit or bank statements with your residential address

Office Locations and Contacts

Contact information for Australian Bureaus within the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade:

What Are All The Eligibility

  • You must you be and Australian citizen.
  • It is essential to confirm your identity.


Normal Passport

  • This includes official and diplomatic passports as well as diplomatic passports.
    • Adult: A$238
    • Child: A$119
  • The frequent travellers (If you’re a regular traveler,, you can submit a frequently traveler’s passport that has additional visa pages than an Ordinary passport.)
    • Adult: A$358
    • Child: A$179

Passport of a senior

  • Senior’s Passport for Seniors (A passport for seniors with five years validity is available to Australian residents aged 75 or more.)
    • Adult: A$119
    • Child: n/a
  • Senior’s passport. Frequent traveler.
    • Adult: A$179
    • Child: n/a


The validity of a passport is five years.

The document is needed

A passport is an legal document that is issued by the federal government an individual to travel to another country.

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