How to Apply for Permit to Import Drone In Uganda

Apply for Permit to Import Drone In Uganda By Online

  1. Uganda has prohibited the import of UAVS, also called Drones for security reasons. As a result, there are no law that governs how drones can be imported into Uganda.
  2. However , the use of Drone is intended for those who are looking to take aerial photos when making films in Uganda.
  3. The applicant is required to temporarily import this drone to the United States after requesting for approval through the Ministry of Defense
  4. The process to import the Drone from Uganda is a lengthy procedure that requires various permits as well as documents and fees.
  5. To get a drone license or a license for drones for Uganda the applicant must make contact with for assistance from the Ministry of Defense as well as the Civil Aviation authority.
  6. The applicant has to fill the form which includes the entry of drones. Drone and this has to be completed at least three months prior to the date of.
  7. Check that the import firm is registered with Uganda.
  8. The applicant should make a note on the head of the letter stating the intent to purchase drone.
  9. Also, application, must specify the purpose of the flight, drone details (including model/manufacturer/mounted equipment/value/price, serial number).
  10. The applicant must specify the task to be completed by using drone.
  11. The applicant must specify the location in which the project will be conducted prior to importing the Drone.
  12. The applicant should ensure that drones imported undergoes a clearance process in conjunction with Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).
  13. The person applying for the visa should purchase the necessary insurance policies to safeguard against the potential for liability due to actions carried out under the process of importation.
  14. The person who is having put all the required documents together must forward documents to the Permanent secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife notifying the ministry of your intention to film.
  15. After an inspection by the Ministry of Tourism and wildlife will forward the request to the Ministry of Defense for permission to import drones. Drone.
  16. The Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife will then confirm receipt as well as forward this information on to the Ministry of defense.
  17. Once in the Ministry of Defense, after examination they will then go through the Ministry of defense will then ask members of the security panel to review before transferring the request on to Airforce base located at Entebbe Airport.
  18. Then forward the document to the Civil Aviation Authority instructing them to approve or deny the entry of the Drone as mentioned in your application documentation.
  19. If permission is granted The defense ministry will issue instructions to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and then write to the ministry responsible for line operations to inform them if permission was granted or not.
  20. However, if permission is granted, the applicant will be informed and the security will be accessible within the area in which the project is carried out.
After satisfying the above requirements,

  • A Drones import permit is issued.
  • Summary of information/particulars of the registered operator.
  • The specific operation conditions of the permit

Required Documents For Apply for Permit to Import Drone

  • Completely filled out UCAA authorization template CDF (chief of the defense forces)
  • Security clearance letters that do not contain any objection
  • Flying zones detailed report
  • Import clearance certificate
  • Uganda Revenue Authority importation clearance for the drone
  • Drone operation Manual and Specifications.
  • Pilot’s drones training
  • Certificate or license, and medical certificate class III (where it is applicable).
  • Map and proposed Geographical location of the operational area.
  • A copy of the third insurance for third parties.
  • The receipt of payment must be accompanied by proof.

Office Locations and Contacts

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence
P.O. Box 3798, Kampala, Uganda
. Tel: 0414-565100
Tel: 0414-565118/9 Fax: 0414-222812
Ministry of Defence Website Ministry of Defence Website

Airport Road-Entebbe
P.O.Box 5536 Kla
+256 312 352 000
Uganda Civil Aviation Authority Website


  • Citizen
  • Resident [Ugandan]
  • Resident [Foreigner]
  • Visitor


US$200,000 + 18 percent VAT


Valid for one year

Processing Time

  • It can take anywhere from three months to approve permits as there is lots of bureaucracy with the government agencies.


  • Drones are not allowed is not permitted in Uganda is not permitted over cities or crowds.
  • This will prevent any incidents that might happen during the flight process which could cause injury to the passengers.
  • Only operations in Uganda Airspace
  • No operations are allowed near or in restricted Airspace e.g Airports
  • Risks to property, people and other planes.
  • Continuous positive control and observation (VLOS)
  • Operations I.A.W pertinent Manual for Operations.
  • Inform local authorities before using.
  • Recommend Air Navigation services before use
  • Each drone requires approval/Authorization before use.
  • You must operate in accordance with the interim guidelines and rules.
  • Safety must be assured and should not pose dangerous to property or people.

Requirements Information

Information about the Organization (company who operates this drone):

  • Name of the Organization
  • Sort of Organization (private or public)
  • Address of the Organization
  • Contact for the Organization
  • Name and contact details of the responsible person
  • Trade License Number.
  • Insurance details covering drone operations

Personal Details:

  • Nationality
  • Birth date
  • Passport No.
  • Nation identification number for registration.
  • Visa No. (if applicable)

Operational Details:

  • Flying for a purpose in Uganda (private/commercial)
  • Type of Operations (survey/media/entertainment/etc.)
  • Area of operation (provide Google map coordinates)
  • Maximum Height of Operations:
  • Does the operation take place during night or daytime?

Drone Details

  • Drone Engine Type (fuel or electrical)
  • Drone Manufacturer name
  • Drone serial number
  • Drone weights with payload
  • Drone weight and payload without payload
  • Drones can be used for a variety of purposes (surveyEntertainment, etc.)
  • Methods for drone control (autonomous or controlled by radio)
  • Does the drone come with camera?
  • If yes then please give the camera’s information.

Information that could be helpful

  • If the candidate is able to get past all of the bureaucratic hurdles then they must remain in constant contact with the air traffic control during flights.
  • It is worth noting that drones that are already operating located in Uganda are permitted to be used so they have owners who have registered them with the Civil Aviation authority and adhere to all permits required for drones operating or flying in Uganda.
  • UAVs are viewed as spy devices in Uganda and nobody would want to see one flying above their house or property without authorization.
  • No penalties for violators-no law/regulation

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