How to Apply for permit to keep Domestic Animals and Livestock In Uganda

Apply for permit to keep Domestic Animals and Livestock In Uganda By Online

  1. A person, company or establishment or group is allowed to keep live and domestic animals without a permit granted by the local government.
    • The owner of the animal must not be allowed to keep on any property an animal that is not domestic, that is not a companion animal without the approval of the Council in the form prescribed by the Council or an urban agricultural permit issued by the Council under of Municipal Governments (Kampala City Council) (Urban Agriculture) Ordinance.
  2. When a person submits a written application form to keep dogs in domestic settings, the vet officer will review the document submitted by the veterinarian and be content with the information provided.
  3. When a person applies for an application form, the local council is often required to conduct inspections of facility before giving an approval. Councils must report the number of animal-related businesses that are domestically that they have registered in their Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and the fisheries department of animal resource.
    • The business of domestic animals has to be registered each year with the local authority and abide by the obligatory Code of Practice
  4. Fill out the application form at the council.
  5. After filling out the application, complete the application and pay the costs
    • Payment method is payment via the Bank or debit transfer, as stipulated in the form for application.
  6. Once you have made your payment and filed a successful application after which you will be issued the payslip that can be used to prove the amount of your payment. Include it on your application.
  7. The permission for keeping domestic livestock as well as livestock is issued after 30 days of working.
    • Instructions for the collection of the permit issued are communicated via text and phone messages.
  8. One must physically present themselves when taking the permit for keeping livestock and domestic animals. Identification proof is required at the time of getting the permit.
  9. A permit issued pursuant to the regulations of this Ordinance should define the location that are permitted, the type and quantity of domestic animals as well as the length of time for which the permit is valid.

Required Documents For Apply for permit to keep Domestic Animals and Livestock

  • Specific domestic animal species
  • Health and hygiene needs
  • Official Health certificate issued by the state of New York.
  • Names of the owners of domestic animals
  • Document that demonstrates the health state of domestic animals.
  • Brucellosis vaccine Test.
  • Permit Number issued
  • Documents that show the correct identification.
  • a vaccination certificate
  • Tuberculosis test

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries. (MAAIF)Directorate of Animal Resources/Commissioner for Animal Health
Department of Animal Health.
Plot 16-18 Lugard Avenue, Entebbe
P.O. Box 102 Entebbe, Uganda
Tel: +256 414 320 004 /+256-414-322026
Site: Ministry of Agriculture

Web site: Directorate of fisheries resources

The Kampala Capital City Authority Head Office
Plot 1-3 Sir Appolo Kaggwa Road
Tel: +256 204 660000, +256 414 581294
Physical Address: Plot 1-3 Sir Appolo Kaggwa Road
Mailing Address: PO BOX 7010 Kampala, Uganda
Kampala Capital City Kampala Capital City
Web site: Kampala City Council Authority

or Call for your Municipal Council offices across the country . Regional Offices of the Municipality
Municipal council headquarters offices are scattered all over the entire country.


Gulu Municipal Council HQ
District C/O Municipal Government Airport road
P.O.BOX 201 Gulu
Phone: +256 751000910
Email Address:

Mbarara Municipal Council HQ
Council Building (White House)
District Local Governance Plot No. 12 Galt Road, Mbarara
P. O. Box 290 Mbarara, Uganda.
Phone: +256 485420955
Site: Website

Jinja Municipal Council HQ
Town Hall.
District Local Government Busoga Square
P.O Box 720, Jinja, Uganda
Email Address:

Entebbe Municipal Council HQ
District Local Government Circular Road, Plot 2A Entebbe.
P.O Box 32 Entebbe, Uganda
Phone: +256 772 489 466
Email Address:
Website: Website

Bushenyi District Local Authorities
District Local Government Mbarara – Kasese road.
P.O Box 01 Bushenyi, Uganda
Phone: +256-485-43575
Email Address:
Website: Website

Lira Municipal Council HQ
District Local Authority Lira District Local Government Lira Gulu Road.
P.O.Box 49 Lira, Uganda
Phone: +256(0473) 420219
Email Address:
Website: Office Locations

Kasese District Local Governance
District Local Authorities Rukooki, Kasese
P.O Box 250, Rukooki, Kasese, Uganda
Phone: +256 392888974
Mail Address: /
Website Website

Kitgum Municipal Council HQ
The Achua County District Local Local Government Kitgum
P.O Box 28,Kitgum, Uganda
Website : Website

Mubende District Local Government
The District Local Government of Mubende Town
P.O Box 93,Mubende Uganda
Phone: +256-392080149
Email Address:

Hoima Municipal Council HQ
District Local Government Hoima, Kampala Road
P.O.Box 149, Hoima, Uganda
Phone: +256 772 566776
Email Address:
contact Link

Kira Municipal Council
P.O Box 25749, Kampala, Uganda
Phone:+256 0414696923
Website: Website

Nansana Municipal Council HQ
District Local Governance Nansana Town Wakiso
P.O Box 7218, Kampala Uganda
Phone: +256 702 459893, +256 704 308272
Contact Email:

Masaka Municipal Council HQ
District Local Government Plot 11 Elgin Street
P.O.BOX Masaka, 201 Masaka
Contact Email:
contact Link


Anyone who has pets in their homes and who wish to adhere to the obligatory Code of Practice in Uganda is eligible for this permit.


Fees for licences for licences: 200 000 Ugshs.


Validity: 1 year

Processing Time

Maximum Processing Time: 30 days.


The owner of a pet is not allowed to keep a pet that is considered to be a nuisance or causes any nuisance to those living in the area..

The Information You Need

  1. Owner’s full name
  2. Age and sexuality.
  3. Nationality.
  4. BMU’s name. BMU.
  5. What is the purpose for the app.
  6. Company name.
  7. the type, sex number, and the age of the animals
  8. Photocopy and any identity document.
  9. Name of the Authorized Licensing Officer.
  10. Nationality /No./Passport No
  11. Telephone No.

Information that could be helpful

A person is not permitted be able to, unless with the explicit written consent of the Council or any animal, graze or permit or allow any animals to be fed within the following areas:

  • a road reserve within definition of Roads Act;
  • an open-air park;
  • A green belt was gazetted by at the Council or
  • a dumping ground

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