How to Apply for Phytosanitary Certificate In Bhutan

Apply for Phytosanitary Certificate In Bhutan By Online

  1. To apply for an application for a Phytosanitary certificate, applicants need to contact for the Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA). Contact information is listed below in the “office addresses and locations” section.
  2. It is necessary to fill out an application form and submit it to BAFRA.
  3. The application form is available at the following link: Link
  4. How to  Apply for Phytosanitary Certificate In Bhutan
    How to Apply for Phytosanitary Certificate In Bhutan
  5. Complete the online application and fill in your information.
  6. Be sure to have all the necessary documents which are listed under”Required documents” in the “Required documentation” section on this page.
  7. The applicant is required to complete the form along with the required documents to BAFRA in person or via Post. Contact details are provided in the “office places and contact details” section.
  8. Once the application form has been completed, the inspector visits the place and examines the cargo that is destined to be shipped out.
  9. If the inspection produces satisfactory results The inspector will issue the inspector with a Phytosanitary Certificate.

Required Documents For Apply for Phytosanitary Certificate 

  • Application form
  • Commercial invoice
  • Laboratory Test Analysis
  • Sales Contract
  • List of packing materials

Office Locations and Contacts

Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority,
Ministry of Agriculture and Forests,
Postbox: 1071 Thimphu, Bhutan,
Tel: +975-02-327031/325790
Fax: +975-02-327032/335540
Contact information: Link


  • Registered exporter


Contact the inspector for information the fees.


This Certificate can be used for a single shipping or consignment. A new shipment will require an updated Phytosanitary Certificate

Processing Time

Two to three days

Requirements Information

  • The type of application
  • Type of package
  • Production area
  • Country of origin
  • Exporting country
  • Address
  • Points of entry and exit
  • Batch number

The Document is required

The Phytosanitary Certificate can be used to verify that the shipment meets Phytosanitary import specifications.

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