How to Apply For Purchase a Property in Egypt

How to Apply For Purchase a Property in Egypt By Yourself

  • If you are looking to purchase a home in Egypt it is necessary to obtain the tax bill for your property from the tax authorities within Egypt: Link
How to Apply For Purchase a Property in Egypt
How to Apply For Purchase a Property in Egypt
  • After you have found an exciting new development, selected an apartment, and verified the price and the package typically, you will need to pay a deposit for reservation. It is usually around PS2,000. This will guarantee the property and keep it off the market. This usually amounts to about 10% or PS2,500 in resales properties. It typically is not refundable.
  • When you’ve secured and paid for the property you are issued with a purchase agreement. This contract of purchase will describe the purchase of the property, details about the property and who you are purchasing from, what you will be receiving and any other terms related to your purchase. The contract is usually written in Arabic and then translated into English.
  • If you are satisfied with the terms of the contract, you will then take 2 (sometimes several) duplicates of the agreement. Then you make the deposit payment in accordance with the terms and conditions that are in the contract. When you have received your deposit , they counter-sign the contract keeping one copy and return the second copy to you.
  • If you are making ongoing payments, then you’ll be able to continue the payments until you’ve finished the contract’s payments.
  • When you have fulfilled all the obligations under the agreement (i.e. you have paid your bills and the seller constructs the property or gets the property) you are able to begin making use of the property. It is possible that you will have to pay a fee for maintenance in advance and also install electricity and water meters.
  • The applicant has to visit the earlier mentioned office to obtain the license when they have been an official notification about the same.

Required Documents For Purchase a Property

  • Documentation on the title boundaries,
  • Planning approval,
  • Building license,
  • Rental guarantee and furniture pack.
  • For purchases of properties in Sharm El Sheikh the land owner is responsible for the purchase and renewal of an 99-year lease for the buyer. For this service, the seller pays 5 percent of the amount of the lease when it is purchased.

Office Locations and Contacts

Egyptian Tax AuthorityContact Link: Link

Ministry of Finance
Arab Republic of Egypt
Ministry of Finance Towers,
Nasr City.
Extension of Ramsis Street,
Abbassiya, Cairo
Phone: 02/23428830
Fax: 02/23428830
Contact Link: Link


  • The cost of registration is EGP 2000.


The validity lasts for life.

Processing Time

The processing time is 3 months.

The Information You Need

Information obtained from Real Estate Registry to confirm whether the property was registered.



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