How to Apply for register as a Voter In Uganda

Apply for register as a Voter In Uganda By Online

  1. The Electoral Commission Broad of Uganda typically announces the process of registration of voters in the daily newspapers, radio , and TV stations, by placing posters in public spaces and at the offices of the government, as well as through their official website
  2. After the public education exercises, staff members who have been trained hired by the electoral body will be sent across the country to conduct registration exercises.
  3. If you are not yet registered as a voter, you must visit any of the offices of the government where the exercise is conducted with all the necessary documents.
  4. Fill out the application form and ensure that you fill it out correctly. If you have any questions, staff members will assist with filling in the form.
  5. In line, wait to be called and the official will check your completed application, provide the necessary documents, and collect your biometric details and input all your information into the electoral commission’s system.
  6. Broad of the Electoral Commission Broad will then advertise by using the methods above of advertising on the date that voter’s card can be collected at the office of the government where you registered.

Required Documents For Apply for register as a Voter

  • The identity document you use to identify yourself, such as your driver’s license, passport, etc.
  • Physical address proof as well as postal address along with numbers for contact.
  • Birth certificates

Office Locations and Contacts

Physical ADDRESS
Electoral Commission.,
Plot 55 Jinja Road ,
Kampala Uganda.
P.O.Box 22678, Kampala, Uganda

Public Relations


Toll Free Line: 0800200071.


  • All Uganda citizens aged 18 and over and a sound mind.


  • No fee is charged


  • The card that the voter uses is Valid Forever

Examples of Documents

certification of registration for a votor

Processing Time

  • The electoral commission will promote the electoral commission in a variety of ways through various media of advertising

The Information You Need

  • Full name
  • Birth date
  • Proof of identity that is valid
  • Documentation of citizenship
  • Address
  • Occupation

Documentation is needed

  • Voter registration is the basis for determining the right of voters to cast their votes in the future national elections.

Information that could be helpful

  • You have to be on the electoral roll for the right to vote in elections and referenda. This is accomplished through registration. You should be over 18 when you finish the update exercise which is run by the Electoral Commission.
This is why, once there is a Voters roll for each polling location within a parish is created, only those with names on the roll are eligible to vote in the next election (Section 19(12)Electoral Commission Act of 1997).

You can check for where you vote from our website
Sending an SMS of your Voter Number or Application ID, as well as your the National Identity Number (NIN) to 8228.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

  • Voter’s cards can be used to prove of identity. It’s accepted by banks Visa application offices, banks, hospital board control authorities university registrations, driving license offices, Revenue Authorities etc.

External Links

The commission on elections


The registered voter is entitled to the following rights:

  • The candidate may run for any elective post they wish to contest,
  • The person is allowed to nominate or support any candidate of their preference or sign a list of supporters when submitting nominations.
  • The voter is entitled to vote for the candidate of their preference.
  • The person is able the right to submit a written petition in order to request redress in the event of a change in elections results.



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