How To Start a Business In Algeria

How To Start a Business In Algeria

  • Calculate the amount of capital you’ll need in order to start your own small-scale company.
  • Select the kind of small-sized business you wish to start. The possibilities are almost endless.
  • Study the field thoroughly. Once you have decided on the kind of small-scale business you’d like to begin, look into that area deeply. Look for competitors and observe what they do to run their businesses.
  • Develop a complete strategy. Note down in detail every step between you and your ultimate aim of running a functional small-scale company.
  • Decide which kind of business structure you are planning to establish and fill out the appropriate documents. Choose between partnership, sole proprietorship or or LLC.
  • Find your business’s license. For certain kinds of businesses that require an official license. This Small Business Administration website can inform you if you need an official business license for the type of business you want to operate. Once you have been licensed and have a business license, you are able to conduct business.

Documents Required Start a Business

  • The original bill of Lading
  • Copies of invoices
  • Health certificate certifying phytosanitary (if it is applicable)
  • Checklist for packing
  • Certificate of origin

Office Locations and Contacts

National Register of Trade Center,National Road No. 24 LIDO Algiers Bordj el Kiffan BP N 18 16120 Algeria
Tel: 213 /
Fax: 213

What Are All The Eligibility

Everyone who’s curious and competent to run an enterprise in Algeria.


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  • The opening to the Algerian economy has seen rapid progress in the last few years, allowing its access to markets.
  • The law and regulations offer guidelines to help and support the efforts of investors from all sectors regardless of whether they are foreign or domestic capital.
  • In this regard, Algeria has provided itself with an investment code that was modified through the decision No. 01-03 dated 20th August 2001 on the growth of investments.
  • This ruling provides a number of advantages for investors. It provides the necessary instruments to implement a strategy of promotion of investment, such as the National Investment Council chaired by the Head of Government and the National Investment Development Agency (ANDI) and its central structures as well as its one-stop units , which connect all administrative departments affected with investment actions. The Agency also oversees an investment support fund. Investment Support Fund.

Requirements Information

  • Name of the business
  • Account number of the bank
  • Criminal reports
  • Notarized and authenticated information

The Document is required Start a Business

Algeria is currently in a favorable macro-economic environment.
The excellent price of oil as well as the efficient management of external debt has helped replenish the States coffers.
However their purchasing capacity of residents is still quite limited.
In this regard the government is making efforts to boost activities, diversify the economy and open up the economy, and to encourage private investment.

Information that can be useful

  • The tax and legal systems in Algeria are well-established and are based in French as well as Islamic Law. The laws are unclear and confusing. Expert advice is recommended.
  • Being a corporate entity or LLC is more than safeguard your personal assets. It also shows the lenders, customers, and vendors that you care about the quality of your service and how successful you are.

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How To Start a Business In Algeria
How To Start a Business In Algeria


Local branches of the National Centre of Trade Register located in the major cities of the 48 provinces are available to provide the necessary information you need.

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