How to Apply for Release of Vehicle for Consumption In Morocco

Apply for Release of Vehicle for Consumption In Morocco By Online

  1. Visit go to the Office of Administration of Customs and Indirect Taxes.
  2. Bring the documents you need.
  3. Then, present the documents.
  4. Pay the amount

Required Documents For Apply for Release of Vehicle for Consumption

At ports
  • Registration of the vehicle certificate(original and duplicate)
  • Identity document
  • Original sale invoice for vehicles with a term of more than three months
  • Legalized power of attorney by the authorities responsible in the foreign country provided to the owner in the event that they import it by someone not related to the owner
In other offices
  • Identity certificate in duplicate from the competent registration center.
  • Original sale invoice for vehicles with a term of 3 months and less
  • A temporary admission declaration is made by the customs ports
  • Legalized power of attorney by the relevant authorities in foreign countries provided from the person who owns the car in the event that the vehicle is imported someone who is not the owner

Office Locations and Contacts

Administrative of Customs & Indirect TaxesPhone Number: 0537-57-90-01/02/03.
Fax Number: 0537-57-913 Additional Contact Phone Numbers link


Moroccan nationals who reside in Morocco or elsewhere.


Fees can vary based on the model, make, capacity and the date of the issue. Private vehicles’ total rate is 59.25 percent; for commercial vehicles the cumulative rate is 68.25 percent.

Processing Time

It can take 20 to 50 minutes processing time.


For Moroccans who are living abroad and coming back to Morocco for the first time they can clear their private motorcycles or private vehicles from other countries.

  • When you arrive in Morocco in the customs office at entry (at the border);
  • In the country, in an official customs office in Morocco after being granted by customs clearance services at the border to allow vehicles into Morocco in accordance with the system of temporary entry.

The application can be submitted to the offices responsible of clearing vehicles. Moroccans resident in Morocco are required to clean their motor vehicles at ports. Non-residents of Morocco can remove their motor vehicles from ports or at other offices.

Documentation is needed

Here are the steps for submitting an application to be released of a vehicle to be used in Morocco.

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