How to Apply for Renew Driver Licence (for seniors aged 75 up) in New Zealand

Apply for Renew Driver Licence (for seniors aged 75 up) in New Zealand

  • To renew your license You must go to a driver license agent in person.
  • Send or show these documents
    • The completed application form. An option to fill out the application form can be given under the ‘Documents to Use’.
    • A current medical certification from your doctor within the last 60 calendar days.
    • A current photo driver’s license or any other acceptable proof of your identity
  • Pay the renewal cost. Cash, cheques or EFTPOS cards are accepted. Certain merchants also take credit card. If you pay with a check, there could be delays while the cheque is cleared. Be aware that fees are less due to the fact that you renew your license more frequently.
  • You’ll receive an interim licence that is good for 21 days. Take it with you every time you travel until your new driver’s license is delivered to you approximately two or three weeks.

Road Safety Test

  • It should take about 30 minutes to pass the test. The test will establish whether you are still able to demonstrate adequate knowledge of the driving rules and continue to develop safe driving techniques.
  • The test officer will instruct you on when to turn or stop, and then carry out other driving actions. There aren’t any fixed routes to follow. You must be able to drive on any type of road and in any traffic situation.
  • You must be safe and legally during the assessment. The test officer will evaluate you using the simple ‘yes’ or ‘no method. You must get an overall score of percent or higher to pass the safety exam.

Conducting the road safety test:

  • The test will be conducted prior to:
  • Book a test. You can make a booking over the phone by using credit card, by calling 0800 822 422 or you can visit the nearest agent for driver licenses.

Required Documents For Renew Driver Licence

  • Fully completed driver Licence Application Form Driver Licence 1
  • An valid medical certification from your doctor within the last 60 days.
  • A current photo driver’s license or any other acceptable proof that proves your identification
  • Cash, cheque or EFTPOS card to purchase the new license. Some agents will also will accept credit or debit cards. If you make payment by check, you may experience an in-between time while the cheque is cleared.

Office Locations and Contacts

Find an agent for driver licenses


  • Fee for renewing a licence: $18.70.
  • If you must take the test for On-Road Safety, you must also pay a fee for the test of $41.80. The total cost of application and the test is $60.50.
  • If you fail the On-Road Safety Test If you fail, you are able to re-book the test for a second time, at no cost. However, you’ll have pay an additional fee of $41.80 each time for future bookings.


After you turn 75, there are some modifications to the renewal process of your driver’s license. The new license is valid for 2 to 5 years. You have to renew your driver’s licence at the age of 75 or 80, and every two years thereafter.

Documents to Utilize

Driver Licence Application Form DL1


  • Every time you want to renew your licence , you have to provide an official medical certificate. If the recommendation of your doctor is accepted you must undergo a 30-minute on-road safety Test.
  • You have to renew your driver’s licence prior to or on its expiration date if you want to drive, however you are not able to renew it for longer than six months ahead.
  • The driver licence renewal packet will be sent out approximately six weeks prior to when your licence expires. If you’ve not received your package, you can get the form for a driver’s license application (DL1) or obtain the form from any licensed driver agent.

Documentation is needed

  • A regular driver’s license has a validity that is 10 years. If you’re aged 64 or more the license may be issued for a shorter period than the period of validity and expire when you turn 75 years old.
  • After you reach age 75, there are some changes to the renewal procedure of your driver’s licence. The new license will only last up to two years. It is mandatory to renew your driver’s licence at the age of 75 or 80, and every two years thereafter.

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