How to Apply for Renew Mobility Parking Permit in New Zealand

Apply for Renew Mobility Parking Permit in New Zealand In online

  • Be aware that if you require to change any of your personal information You will need to call CCS Disability Action to make the necessary changes prior to renewing your license online.
  • A reminder issued by CCS Disability Action will be sent to you with information on renewing your long-term mobility permit The letter will contain your permit number and renewal number.
  • To renew your permit for a long time online, simply click the Link 
  • and type in your permit number and renewal date.
  • To finish the online application process , you will require your renewal number, credit card details or online banking information.

Renew via post or at a person

    • To renew your permit , you have to fill out an application. The application form is available for download by clicking the link under “Documents to Use You can also call the nearest branch of CCS Disability Action and they will send an application form to you.

Make sure to inquire with the branch in your area to find out which payment method they’re capable of processing. submit the form in its entirety to them, or bring it with the branch.

Office Locations and Contacts

Disability Intervention CCS

Locate a branch in your area

Contact your local branch to: 0300 227 2355 Telephone: (07) 853 9761

Postal Address
PO Box 272, Hamilton 3240

Physical address
17. Claudelands Road, Hamilton



Long-term permit renewal cost: $50.


Permit for long-term use 5 years. Renewal

Documents to Utilize

Application Form


  • A permit for a long-term period is required to be renewed every five years.
  • You can extend your permits online via mail or at a location in person.

Requirements Information

In order to complete the online application, you will require:

  • Your renewal number.
  • Internet banking or credit card information.

Required Documents For Renew Mobility Parking Permit

  • Mobility parking spaces is a parking space that’s larger than the standard parking space. They are identified by a disability symbol and are typically nearer to places of worship. Disability-related people can obtain a the mobility parking permit that will permit them to use mobility parking spaces. This permit allows users to park in regular parking spaces longer than the permitted time.
  • There are two kinds of mobility permits: both long and short-term permits. Short term permits can be used for a three month and six month, or nine month period . They could be extended for the maximum of 12 months after the date of the issue. Long-term permits last for a period of five years and are renewable. Here is a guideline on how to renew an authorization to move.

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