How to Apply For Renewal of Air Transport Licence in Egypt

Apply For Renewal of Air Transport Licence in Egypt

Step 1: Fill out the prescribed form to renew

An appropriately completed renewal application form is completed and sent to the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority. If the renewal is to be for the issuance of a foreign license that needs which needs validation or conversion, the Authority will announce to provide information about its decision to inform the public at large and its decision on the renewal application and the revocation of an Air Transport License.

Step 2 Attach a medical certificate

The relevant medical certificate should be submitted at least two months before the date of renewal once the documents are found in order, the renewal of Scheduled/Non-Scheduled the ATL is done.

step III Knowledge test report.

If it’s the same model of aircraft controlled by an operator.If it’s a brand different type of plane being introduced by the operator at the beginning, then the Operator must submit documents pertaining to the knowledge test reports for the aircraft that is to be renewed (if relevant)

Stage IV Logbooks.

Personal logbooks or other documents that prove the experience of flying on the renewal application form must be submitted at this time Operators must provide their personal logbooks to the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority for approval.

Step V. Submitting Recent Passport Photograph

The Operator must submit two (2) recent photos (full frontal) (if relevant) After all documents are found to be in order, the renewal of the Airline will be completed, following the proper approval from ATL.

Step 6 Identification Documents

It is crucial that Directors/Promoters of the company be able to show identification cards or passports in order to apply for renewal AT L with enough aviation knowledge. After a thorough examination of the documents and the application is sent through the Ministry of Transport Affairs for getting the required security clearance for Directors as well as the company itself.

Step 7 The fees applicable

The next step is to pay renewal fees at Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority then Licenses will be issued after 7 days .

Required Documents For Renewal of Air Transport Licence

Below are the required documents to renew Air Transport License. Air Transport License
(i) Proof of payments of the renewal fee;
(ii) Proposed equivalent insurance Policy or insurance arrangement is being implemented; and
(iii) Completed Personal History Statement (PHS) forms and two(2) passport photos with respect to each Director for the business (the PHS forms are available at ECAA).

The ECAA will request an approval of the Security Department from the President on behalf the applicant to renew.

After the successful fulfillment of these conditions by the applicant, ECAA will ask the applicant to obtain the equipment required and prove the ability to provide efficient services in the future upon renewal.

The following documents are needed: Four(4)copies of for certified true copies from the certificate of incorporation for the company. four (4) duplicates of the certified true copies of:

(i) (iii) the Memorandum and Articles of Association
(ii) The details of Directors of the Corporation (Form CAC7)
(iii) Return of allotment or Statement of Capital, Shares (Form CAC2)

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Transportation

“Mr. Hany Sayed Mohamed Dahy image

Address: Nasr Road, Nasr City, Cairo

Phone number: 2400814 22604884

Fax: 22610510

E-mail N/A


Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority??)

TEL: 002 22677617

AX: 002 22688232



How to Apply For Renewal of Air Transport Licence in Egypt
How to Apply For Renewal of Air Transport Licence in Egypt

What are all the Eligibility

It is a possibility for citizens or residents of Egypt engaged with Air Transport Business.


The charge is LE150,0000, which is a non-refundable processing fee(Bank draft in the name of Authority).


Air Transport License is valid for 5 years . It can be renewed five years after that. Terms and conditions are defined at any time by the authorities.

Processing Time

Processing takes about 3 months.


  • If the Air Transport License (ATL) is not in use when it expires the license will not expire and the authority will not renew it. However, the owner of the ATL can request a new issuance.
  • The person who holds the Air Transport License (ATL) is in a position of proving to the Authority the ability of the applicant to fulfill the requirements set out in the Air Transport License (ATL).

The Information You Need

Applications to obtain the Renewal of ATL must include the following information:

  • Address and name of the applicant;
  • Type(s) of the air service to be offered;
  • Proposed base for operation of applicant
  • The details of the proposed routes to be used, where appropriate;
  • The types and numbers of aircraft to be used and
  • Frequency and time of services.

Documentation is needed

  • If the applicant for an Air Transport Licence fails to utilize the license at the end of its validity period , then ATL will not be renewed by the authorities.
  • If , at the time of expiration of license the application to renew is waiting to be approved by the Authority the license that has expired will continue to operate under the conditions and terms that are prescribed by the Authority. This clause is only applicable in the event that all documents needed to renew the licence are submitted by authorities Authority which is unable to complete renewal of the ATL is caused by the involvement of a third entity. Provided that the time period cannot extend beyond the period of six (6) months after the date of date of expiration for the ATL.

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