How To Apply for Residence Permit In Georgia

How To Apply for Residence Permit In Georgia

  • To get a Residence Permit to reside in Georgia or extend its duration, a person who is a non-native in Georgia can apply to any territory Office that is part of Public Service Hall or Public Service Development Agency.
  • A foreign national who is in another country can apply to extend the validity for the Residence Card of Georgia in the electronic form by uploading an application on the official web site for the organization.

Attention, please! Foreigners are required to apply for Residence Permit with the agency at least 40 calendar days before expiration of the period for their legal stay within Georgia. Georgia.

The application for Residence Permit for a minor is to be made by one of their legal representatives or the authorized person who is a legal representative. If a form of Residence Permit which is to be given to a minor contemplates the issuance of a Residence Permit that grants temporary residence, a request from one of the legal representative of minors is enough.If the kind of Residence Permit which is to be issued to a minor entails the issue of a Residence Permit that grants the right to permanent residence, the consent of the legal representatives who are not applying for it must be included with the application from one of the legal representatives of minor. If the person who is authorized to act as the legitimate representative to a minor files an application for any kind or residence permits, then the consent of both legally authorized representatives must be obtained.

Office Locations and Contacts

This link lists contact details of Public Relations Offices as well as the related Territorial Offices: The Office Contact Number
Office Locations in Map of Public Service Hall : Office Locations

How To Apply for Residence Permit In Georgia
How To Apply for Residence Permit In Georgia

What Are All The Eligibility

Anyone following them may submit an application for a Residence Permit or extension of its validity :

  • A competent foreigner of legal age in person.
  • Legal representative of minor foreigners (under 18 years old) Except for a foreigner between the ages of 16 and 18 years of age who is married or has a legally registered marriage.
  • A guardian for the Ward.
  • An agent of an interested individual (if the person who is interested is located in Georgia) Based on the legally attested Power of Attorney properly attested.


For Permanent Resident Permit :

The 30th day of the calendar 180 GEL
Within 20 calendar calendar days 300 GEL

For Temporary Resident Permits :

The 30th day of the calendar year on the 30th day of the calendar. GEL.
The 20th calendar day on the 20th day of the calendar, there was 330 GEL.
within 10 calendar days, 410 GEL.


  • Temporary Residence Permits are granted for at least six months at the time of the first issue and its validity duration should not exceed one year. Its validity can be extended for additional five years, but only if the duration of validity of the Temporary Residence Permit must not exceed six years;
  • Temporary Residence Permits of former Georgian citizen could be granted for six years;
  • A short-term residence permit will be issued for one year.

Anyone who is a status of stateless who is based in Georgia is issued a Residence Permit for three year or the possibility to permanent residence.


The following are the various kinds of Resident Permits with the right to temporary residence is granted in Georgia:

Labour Residence Permitis granted in accordance of the regulations set forth by law for the exercise of labor or entrepreneurial activities in Georgia as well as for a person who is a holder of a no-cost profession.
Educational Residence Permitis issued to allow purposes of attending any school or educational institution that is authorized in Georgia.
Residence Permits for Family Reunification is given to the family members of a foreign who is a holder of a Residence Permit.
Residence Permit for the former citizen in Georgia :is issued to an individual from outside the country who’s Georgian citizenship was removed.
Residence Permit for the Stateless Personis given to someone who is a stateless individual in Georgia.
The Temporary Residence Permit is granted to a foreign national who has been granted the status as a victim, who is subject to Georgia law on the suppression of family violence, and on protection and assistance for family violence victims.
Special Residence Permits are also available :

  • A foreigner who is you can make an expectation that they could be the victim (suffered) from the trading of human beings (trafficking).
  • A foreigner is granted the right to reside in Georgia in the event that the written proposal for the issuance of temporary residence permits is made by a representative of the Georgian government.
  • For a foreign national who is unable to not be deported, and therefore Temporary Identification Card was issued. Five years have elapsed since the issue of the temporary identification card.
  • A foreigner who has the status of a compatriot.

Note: When issuing a Residence Permits for Family Reunification, the following individuals are considered to be family members: spouse, child, or parent of a foreigner living in Georgia and a minor, incompetent or disabled person who is his/her dependent or in care.

These types of Residence Permits that grant the right to the right to reside permanently in Georgia can be issued as follows:
Permanent Residence Permit:is given to spouse, child, or parent of a Georgian citizen. Permanent Residence Permits are given to a non-native who is residing in Georgia on the basis of an interim residence permit valid that has been in effect for six years. This does not cover the time spent in Georgia to studying or for medical treatment, and of working in the diplomatic or equivalent representations. Notification: When issuing a Permanent Residence Permit the spouse or parent as well as a child of Georgian citizens are considered family members.
Investor Residence Permit shall be granted to a foreigner who made an investment of at minimum $300 000 GEL in Georgia according to the Georgian law regarding support and guarantees for investment and to family members of the investor. To fulfill the requirements of this paragraph the spouse, minor children and disabled or incapable person who is the full dependent of the person are regarded as members of the family. Notice: When issuing an Investment Permit to Residence Permit, parents, spouses and minor children of a foreign who is holder of an Investment Residence Permit and a disabled or incapable person who is his/her sole dependents are considered to be family members.
Residence Permit for stateless persons :shall be given to someone who is an individual who is stateless and established in Georgia. Note: A Residence Permit that confers the right to reside permanently is granted to a stateless individual in the event that their Georgian citizenship has been terminated by the way of deregistration from the citizenship of Georgia or if he/she has resided in Georgia since March 31st 1993, and is not registered, however, he/she is not considered as an official citizens of Georgia.

The Document is required Residence Permit

This guideline provides details about applying to obtain residence Permit to Georgia. Residence Permit is among the most important reasons for a foreigner for entry into Georgia and legal residence. Based on the proper conditions, Residence Permit should be issued to foreigners who has the right to the right to reside in Georgia for a period of time or permanently.



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