How To Apply for Temporary Electronic Residence Card In Georgia

How To Apply for Temporary Electronic Residence Card In Georgia

To apply online for a temporary residence permit in Georgia You must fill out an electronic registration form. After that, you need to upload required documents electronically, then contact the Remote Service Operator and express your intention online to obtain a residency permit.

HOW to apply
  • Go to the EVisa Portal ( Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Georgia) VisaApp or make an appointment via an E-Application system 1
  • Be sure to read the instructions carefully and then fill out the application accurately
  • An email will go out to the email address if your visa application is later approved. Make sure you confirm the email address to ensure the that you pay the state duty.
  • The e-mail address should be verified within 1 (one) hour from the time the date of sending, or it will result in the application being canceled.
  • The duty is paid within five (five) hours from the time the message sent to the email address is verified.
  • Upload the required documents electronically, pay state duty using the electronic method of payment and then submit
  • Documents that are required to be considered in the application for a temporary resident permit for Georgia should be submitted in writing within 10 days of the the registration of an electronic form along with the attached documents.
  • Documents issued outside of Georgia must translate to Georgian or notarized. Documents issued outside of Georgia (if relevant) should be also legalized or certified with Apostille.
  • You will be issued the temporary permit to reside within five working days

NB. If you do not qualify to apply for an e-Visa. Visit the Georgian Diplomatic Mission or Consular post based on your citizenship or place of residence. Visit visaInformation

Documents that are required Temporary Electronic Residence Card

Application for a temporary residence permit should be completed electronically with the following documents
  • A photocopy of the travel document
  • Photocopy of document proving the legal residence of an alien in GeorgDocument that demonstrates an alien’s right to ownership of real property in the territory of Georgia (other than land used for agriculture) and its market value being greater than USD 35000 equivalents in lariso.
  • Document showing the its market worth of property as defined by subparagraph”d” in this paragraph(market value must be determined through a certified appraiser from an organization accredited through the Legal Entity under Public Law Accreditation Centre of the United National Accreditation Body)
  • 3×4 cm photo
An online application for a temporary residence permit submitted by any spouse of an individual who has already received an indefinite residence permit. It must be submitted electronically and accompanied by the following documents
  • A photocopy of an alien’s travel document;
  • A photocopy of a document that demonstrates the legality of a stay by an alien in Georgia
  • Photographic copy of residence license of an alien granted a temporary residence permit
  • Document that proves kinship to an alien granted a temporary residence permit
  • 3×4 cm photo
The online application to obtain a permit for residence family reunions should be submitted electronically and accompanied by the following documents
  • Photocopy of a travel document for an alien.
  • A photocopy of a document that demonstrates the lawful residence of an alien in Georgia
  • Document evidencing kinship.
  • Document that proves the legitimate income earned from Georgia by an individual who is not a citizen of Georgia or an individual who is a citizen of Georgia or a family member who has the right to residence in Georgia.The cash in the individual account in a bank could also be considered to be income considering the length that a permit to reside in Georgia is valid to attend a family reunions The monthly amount of the funds should not less than the amount of the minimum subsistence for the average customer in Georgia.
  • Photo 3x4cm.
Online applications for a residence permit to study needs to be made electronically with the following documents
  • Photocopy of an official travel document for an alien.
  • A photocopy of a document that demonstrates the legality of a stay by an alien in Georgia
  • A certificate issued by an institution of higher learning authorized by the state of Georgia that confirms the studies of an alien (indicating the expected duration of the course).
  • Document that proves the legality of earnings earned within Georgia by an outsider and/or by an individual who is a citizen of Georgia or a family member with the right of residence within Georgia and a certificate of the kinship of that person.The funds in the personal bank account could be considered as income, in light of the time of the residence license studies. The amount per month of the funds should not less than the minimum subsistence for an average consumer in Georgia.
  • A 3×4 cm photograph.
The following documents must be electronically included in an online application form for a labor residence permits for entrepreneurs or labor activities in Georgia
  • A copy of the travel document.
  • A copy of a document that demonstrates legal stay in Georgia
  • Documents proving the existence of a business or labor activity(labor contract or another document that proves employment);if the legal earnings of an alien is not able to be proved by the above documents, monthly amounts deposited in his personal account at a bank of person who is at least twice as high than the subsistence of the average consumer minimum in Georgia taking into account the length of the labor permit, will also be taken into consideration as income.
  • Photo 3/4cm.
The following documents should be electronically linked to an online electronic application for a labor residence permit in Georgia for freelancers.
  • A copy of the travel document.
  • Copy of the document that proves legal stay in Georgia
  • A certificate proving the professional activity(certificate from a union or educational certificate (diploma or certificate etc. ).
  • Statement from the bank confirming that there is funds on their personal accounts at more than the subsistence-level for the average consumer in Georgia.
  • Recommendation by an individual citizen or resident of Georgia or an individual holding a residence permits in Georgia to issue a labor residence permits to an alien for the purpose of implementing the labor market in Georgia to serve the public interest.
  • Photo 3/4cm.

Office Locations and Contacts

Public Service Hall Public Relation Office
Ambassador and Consulates from Georgia all over the world

What Are All The Eligibility

Only foreigners aged 18 or older are eligible.
  • One can be employed in Georgia as per the laws governing labor in Georgia and includes freelancers.
  • One is in Georgia to receive studying or for health care.
  • A person is invited by government agencies as a skilled specialist or an artist and is part of the public interest.
  • One is the guardian or custodian for the Georgian citizen.
  • One is in the custody or guardianship of one of the Georgian citizen.
  • One can be spouse or parent, child adoptee, adoptive parents or brother, sister, grandparent or grandmother of an Georgian citizens or foreign national who is a resident of Georgia.
  • If one does not have enough evidence to conclude that the person is a victim or victim of trafficking in human beings.
  • One is a participant in an hearing of commission members on compensation and restitution.
  • Who’s Georgian citizenship has been terminated


Fees, FeeWaiver and FeeWaiver


  • A temporary Georgian residence permit must be issued for at minimum six months and no more than 1 year. It can be extended maximum five years, as long as the duration for the temporarily issued Georgian residence permit is not to exceed six years.
  • In exceptional circumstances the first temporary Georgian residence permit could be granted for five years

Documents to Utilize


Processing Time

10 working days


Methods for electronically submitting applications
  • Electronic applications are accepted in accordance with the rules and conditions set out in these procedures, taking into regard to the specific features outlined in this article.
  • A request submitted electronically may be considered if communication permits direct contact via visuals with the individual who is authorized to approve the request.
  • Within 10 days following the submission of an electronic application with accompanying documents, all documents required for reviewing for the Georgian residence permit should be printed in a form.
  • If the documents listed at the end of paragraph 3 have not been provided in a form that is printed or in a printed format, the Agency could decide not to examine the application.
  • If there exists a reasonable suspicion of the identity of the applicant The Agency could refuse to consider the application electronically.
  • The Agency must keep the records of the visual contact in electronic format, in line to the law.

Requirements Information

  • Names of the person applying
  • The purpose of the application for temporary residence
  • The date of the entry to this country
  • Documents that certify legality
  • Contract of employment for entrepreneurs
  • The country of citizenship

The Document is required Temporary Electronic Residence Card

  • It allows one to have legal an indefinite resident of Georgia.

Information that could be helpful

People who have a valid residence permits or visas of UAE are exempt from visa requirement. You are able to enter Georgia without visas for 90 days within any 180-day time frame. It is important to note that you need to present a valid residence permit or visa together with your travel document or passport when crossing the Georgian border.

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How To Apply for Temporary Electronic Residence Card In Georgia
How To Apply for Temporary Electronic Residence Card In Georgia



Visa-free entry with a visa issued by an easy country

  • If you hold a passport that is from a “difficult nation” and you possess a valid passport for one of these countries listed below you are able to visit and stay for 3 months during a period of 6 months without the need for a Georgian visa.
  • All countries in the EEA, Australia, Bahrain, Bermuda, Canada, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands (Malvinas), Gibraltar, Israel, Japan, Korea (Rep.), Kuwait, New Zealand, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Turks and Caicos Isl., USA, United Arab Emirates or Virgin Islands (British)



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