How To Apply for SelfFinanced Study In china

How To Apply for SelfFinanced Study In china

  • The applicants can apply for an organization called the China Scholarship Council (CSC) through international educational institutions or non-governmental organisations.
  • Candidates may make an application for CSC directly.
  • Candidates can submit applications for admission to Chinese colleges of higher learning directly.

Documents that are required SelfFinanced Study

Candidates must fill in their Application for Self-Funded Study in China (in duplicates).

Students who apply to CSC through overseas educational institutions or non-governmental organizations or individually must fill in and present this form, which can be obtained from Chinese diplomatic missions, or downloaded from the website of CSC (

  • Highest diploma (notarized photocopy). If applicants are students at universities or employed, they must provide proof of their status as students at universities or on-post employees made available by employers.
  • Transcripts from high school for Bachelor’s students or transcripts from other categories student (notarized photographcopy).
  • Copy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form (printed by the Chinese authorities for quarantine). The medical exam must cover everything listed on the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Complete records or that do not have a sealed photo of the applicants are inadmissible. The results of the medical examination are valid for six months. All applicants are requested to take this into account when selecting the right time to take the medical exam.
  • Students pursuing master’s and doctoral degree programs as well as senior scholars need to send two letters recommendations in Chinese or English by associate or professors. professors. Students who apply to China to pursue Master’s or Doctoral degree studies should be able to submit an Admissions Notice from the host university.
  • Students who are studying music are required to submit a tape recording of applicants personal work. Fine arts applicants are required to submit six photographs of personal work (two sketches as well as two paintings that are colored and two other artifacts).

Candidates who want to are applying to CSC to study self-funded in China have to submit the required documents to CSC before the 31st of May.

Office Locations and Contacts

China Scholarship CouncilAddress: No. 160 Fuxingmennei Avenue, Beijing 100031, P. R. China
Tel: 86-10-66413253, 66413132
Fax: 86-10-66413255
Ministry of Education Institutions Missions in Foreign Countries

What Are All The Eligibility

Candidates must be non-Chinese citizens healthy and in good health.

  • Educational qualifications required:
  • Undergraduate applicants must possess a an official high school diploma.
  • Masters degree candidates must have a an undergraduate degree.
  • Doctoral candidates must hold a master’s degrees.
  • Chinese language students need to have a the high school diploma.
  • Visitors must be able to complete 2 years of college study.
  • The senior visiting scholar must have a master’s degrees or academic titles such as associate professor or greater.


Self-financed international students can pay in RMB or foreign currency , according to the guidelines established. If they pay in dollars, their amount is calculated using the exchange rate that is announced by the Bank of China on that day. Information is as follows (in RMB yuan/ person):

  • Costs of registration (including admission exam costs) 400-800
  • Tuition fees:
    • Majors in the Liberal Arts:
    • Undergraduates: 14,000-26,000 for each academic year
    • Master’s Degree students: 18,000-30,000 per academic year
    • Doctoral degree students: 22,000 – 34,000 each academic year
    • Short-term Students: 3,000-4800 for a month of study, 8,000-1000 for around three months of research
    • 2-year college students and visiting Scholars’ tuition rates are comparable to those of Undergraduates Senior The tuition fees for Visiting Scholars are comparable to those of Master’s Degree students The Research Scholars’ tuition fees are comparable to doctoral degree students’.
  • Majors in Science?

The tuition fees for students are 10-30 percentages more expensive in comparison to Liberal Arts majors’.

  • majors within Medicine as well as Education, Physical Education as well as Fine Arts

Physical, Medical and Arts education majors’ tuition charges are between 50 and 100 percent more than those of literal majors..

  • Accommodation fees:

A double-bed room without bathroom, telephone or television set is RMB 12 to 32 Yuan per day. Students must pay for two beds as they occupy the entire room. The fees for accommodation may be raised to not greater than 2.5 times the amount of the previous standards if facilities are upgraded.

  • Other costs:

The cost of medical and food services, in educational institutions, the cost of teaching materials, as well as the cost of internships, research field studies and more. that are not included in studies will be decided by students.

Documents to Utilize

CSC Online Application System

Foreign Physical Examination Formula


CSC is responsible for the management and application process for the Chinese government scholarships for foreigners to studies in China It also manages the application process and enrollment of students recommended by academic institutions, educational organizations or non-governmental friendly organizations, and manages the an individual’s application to take up a course in China as a self-financed student. However, for the individual candidates who wish to apply for a self-financed, the most efficient and faster option is to reach out to the institution directly. On you can find the specific contact information of Chinese institutions accepting foreign students.

Requirements Information

  • Name
  • Sex
  • Birth date
  • Nationality
  • Birthplace
  • Type of blood
  • Medical background
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Lab test
  • Examen of the chest X-ray
  • Abnormal findings

Documentation is needed

China accepts self-funded international students to attend classes in China. There are 465 Higher Education in China which are qualified to accept foreign students.

Information that can be useful

  • The length of time that students study students of different categories:
  • Students in Undergraduates: 4- 5 Years
  • Students pursuing Master’s degrees Two to three years
  • Doctoral degree students for 3 years.

There is no limit to the length of study in the case of Chinese Language students and scholars visiting from China, and senior scholars who are visiting scholars.

External Links

Application to Study in China

Ministry of Education of the Government of the People’s Republic of China

China Scholarship Council

You’re on the right track

How To Apply for SelfFinanced Study In china
How To Apply for SelfFinanced Study In china


  • Notifications and Admissions
  • Candidates who submit applications for admission to China Scholarship Council (CSC) to study self-funded in China through foreign educational institutions or non-governmental organisations will be admitted to the 94 higher education institutions which accept Chinese Government Scholarship students. CSC will mail the admission Notice as well as the visa Application for Study in China (JW202) on or before July 31 to overseas recommending organizations to forward to students who are accepted.
  • For applicants who are not individuals, the Chinese higher education institutions will send directly Admission Notices and Visa Application to Study within China (JW202) directly to students accepted by July 31st.



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