How To Apply for Special Residency Status In Armenia

How To Apply for Special Residency Status In Armenia

  1. Complete Application form Formula for application
  2. Fill out the form and attach any other necessary documents.
  3. If Armenian authorities deny the approval for the special status applicants who were rejected can apply again for Special Residency Status one year after the initial application was denied.

special residency status

Persons who have been granted the Special Residency Status are issued Special Armenian passports and no longer need to get entry visas when travel to Armenia. When they are they are in Armenia they will be able to enjoy full protection under the Armenian law and also all rights and obligations as Armenian citizens, with the exception of having the ability to vote, and to run for office, and to enroll in political groups. They also will be exempt when it comes to providing military service in support of members of the Armenian National Army.

People who survived survivors of the Armenian Genocide are granted Special Passports by a facilitation process and the application fee is not charged.

Note: The use of a Special Passport does not relieve the visa requirements of other CIS countries. In order to travel to those as well as other countries, the holder of the Special Passport should carry their passport from the country of origin.

Documents Required Special Residency Status

  • Application form that is completed Form of application
  • A letter addressed to ambassador or consul general of Republic Armenia in which the request is for Residence Status Special. The following information should be included on the form of the letter
    • Information regarding present citizenship.
    • Information on past citizenship where applicable, including the details about the country and reasons for the losing citizenship.
    • The country of origin and the nationality at birth.
    • The reason to apply for Special Residency Recognition within Armenia, i.e., the reasons for applying are cultural, business or any other reason. Please give more specifics.
    • Your profession and your location of employment. Please be as precise as you can.
    • How many visits have you been to Armenia When you were there, how long you were there and in what conditions. If you’ve previously received another type of residency status in Armenia (Temporary or Ordinary or Exclusive permanent) Please specify.
    • Information on the possibility of a conviction or involvement in criminal investigations.
  • Photoscopies of pages from your passport, including a photograph as well as personal information and validity.
  • Birth certificate photocopy.
  • Professional colour passport size photos with a an ethereal background.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia

the Government House No.2, Republic Square, Yerevan 0110

Telephone #: (+37410) 54-40-41 /235/ Call anytime during the working day between 10:00 and 13:00.


Armenian Embassy Abroad

How To Apply for Special Residency Status In Armenia
How To Apply for Special Residency Status In Armenia

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Foreign citizens with Armenian descendance and others, who have rendered significant assistance to the Armenian nation or state or are involved in activities of a cultural or economic nature in Armenia.


Special Passport Fee 150,000 Armenian Drams.

Replacement passport fee: 75,000 Armenian Drams.


  • The price does not include the Embassy/Consulate application surcharge , which could differ.
  • The method of payment also differs.
  • Contact the Embassy or Consulate for further information.


This status is available for the duration of a 10-year period.

Processing Time

The process of applying for a visa typically lasts between 3 and 4 months. In certain cases the processing time can be extended.


Applications for special residence status must be submitted at an Armenian Embassy or Consulate office of Armenia. Republic of Armenia in the country where you are in residence. If there isn’t an Armenian diplomatic or consular station in your country, you can apply to the closest or the most convenient one to travel to.

If you are a resident of Australia residents, you need to submit your applications to an Embassy in the Republic of Armenia in Washington, DC or Consulate General in Los Angeles, CA.

Residents who reside in Australia, Canada, Europe for residents of Canada, Australia, Europe, and the US. If you’re applying via mail, you’ll be accountable in the expense of returning the delivery. It could be an envelope that has been prepaid for return from any mail registered that has an tracking number or separate money order with the appropriate amount to cover the costs that comes with FedEx, DHL or other postal services. The Embassy or Consulate office of Armenia will not be responsible for lost mail. Republic of Armenia will not accept responsibility for lost documents within the postal system.

For applicants who are in Armenia, or the Republic of Armenia, documents are required to be presented at the Passport and Visa Department of the Police of the Republic of Armenia (13A Mashtots Ave., Yerevan)

Documentation is needed

The Special Residence Status has been awarded to the president of Armenia to foreign nationals of Armenian heritage and others who have rendered significant service to the Armenian nation and state, and/or participate in activities of a cultural or economic nature in Armenia. Anyone granted this status will be able to enjoy the all the protections of Armenian law while within the country, which grants the rights and obligations that Armenian citizen has, apart of being able to vote, and to be elected to office or join in a political group.

Information that can be useful

Replacing Special Passport

If you have lost your Special Passport Please provide these documents:

  • A letter in the name of Consul General or Ambassador of Republic Armenia and requesting a replacement Special Passport.
  • Photocopies of clear copies of the pages of your passport containing photo, valid and personal details.
  • Two passport-sized professional colour photographs , with a white background.
  • Photocopy of the lost Passport or Special Passport (if there is one),

Be aware that the validity of the replacement passport cannot exceed the validity of the lost passport.

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  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia:

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