How To Apply for Student Permit In Antigua and Barbuda

How To Apply for Student Permit In Antigua and Barbuda

  1. In order to apply for a student permit, you must personally go to an Immigration Department. You should determine if you have to schedule an appointment at the Immigration Department before going (see the office locations under ‘Office Locations and Contacts’). The application can be made by the lawful parent/parents , or legal guardians of minors who is under the age of 18 on behalf of that minor.In case the parent who lives with the child or is the sole custodian of the child has a marriage agreement with someone else or is cohabiting with an individual who isn’t an official parent of child, and is recognized as an adoption, only the non-parent will only be able to act as a sponsor of child, and is required to take the sponsorship pledge.
    Unless the parents is deceased or the parent’s name doesn’t appear on the birth certificate of the child or there exists an order of custody granting the sole custody of one parent, or guardian, the legally valid consent of both parents is required prior to having the application granted.
  2. Complete the prescribed form along with the necessary documents. (see the requirements below)
  3. The application fees must be paid.

Documents Required Apply for Student Permit

  • Form for applying for students’ visas.
  • Acceptance Letter from the Ministry of Education.
  • Letter of acceptance from the institution of study.
  • Passport of the applicant Passport
  • Evidence of financial support
  • Health certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Passports belonging to parents or guardians.
  • Photo of passport size
  • In addition to the documents mentioned above, you may need to submit additional details when applying for a permit to study. If you’re in no way the parent of the applicant applying then you will need to submit an order of custody from a family court in the country that issued the passport to the child that grants the named adult in the accompanying picture sole custody, control as well as custody for the child as well as permission to allow the minor to stay on Antigua as well as Barbuda (the duration of the stay must be stated in the custody order).

Office Locations and Contacts

Department of Immigration
Long as well as Thames Streets, St. John’s, Antigua
Tel: (268)-562-1387, 562-1389
Fax: Local Fax: (268)-562-1388
Fax to overseas: (268)-562-1388


Permits for students are typically only issued for a single year at one time. If you first apply for your student permit, it will be approved in the Immigration Department. Following that, you’ll have to renew your student permit each year.

It is prohibited to work in a lucrative or unpaid employment while an holder of a study permit issued by Antigua or Barbuda. However, the student is able to perform unpaid work as part of his or his or her studies.

The Document is required Apply for Student Permit

Students who are not immigrants, except for those from OECS Countries who have obtained an indefinite status and require the student permit in order to attend an education institution located in Antigua as well as Barbuda.

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How To Apply for Student Permit In Antigua and Barbuda
How To Apply for Student Permit In Antigua and Barbuda

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