How to Apply for Student Visa In Mozambique

Apply for Student Visa In Mozambique By Online

1.To get a student visa, begin by locating an authorized issuing agency in your area. This includes Mozambique consulates, embassies or high commissions located in your home or in a neighbouring country.

2.When you’ve identified the appropriate agency to issue visas visit its offices and get a visa application forms that you need to fill out meticulously and precisely;

3.Thereafter you visit the designated issuing agency, bringing the completed visa application form along with supporting documents and the fees for visas that are prescribed.

4.At the agency that issued the visa pay for the visa. You must also include the slip of payment the form to be filled in and

5.Then you submit your application with all supporting documents to the visa processing agency;

Required Documents For Apply for Student Visa

1.Valid passport

2.Recent passport photos

3.Admission and invitation letters from the an institution of enrollment

4.Certified through The Ministry of Education and Culture

5.Payment receipt

6.Previous academic documents

7.Proof that there are sufficient funds

8.Identification documents, copies of a valid passport, and passport photos of any person who wants who plans to travel

9.Passport or any other travel document that is valid for at six months at

10.Guarantee of the means to survive when in Mozambique

11.Health certificate;

12.Guarantee of lodging in Mozambique

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Cooperation

Av. November 10 Av. November 10

Maputo, Mozambique

Telephone: +258 21 32 70 00/9

Fax: +258 21 32 70 20/1



Mozambique Diplomatic Missions abroad.

A list of these diplomatic missions can be obtained from

Ministry of Interior

Av. Olof Palme 46/48. Maputo

C.P. 290, Maputo

Telephone: 258-21-303510, 320131/2

Fax: 258-21-420084


A student from outside the country who is enrolled in an educational institution that is recognized in Mozambique


The fees vary based on the agent that issued the passport. The charges applicable to the Immigration Service in Mozambique are as follows:

1.Student Visa Normal (90 days) 2,135.81Mt

2.Student Visa Urgent (36 days) 3,203.71Mt

3.Student Visa Extremely immediate (15 Days) 3,737.66Mt

4.Student Visa Express (5 days) 4,271.62Mt


  • Ordinary 90 days 213.58Mt
  • Urgently, 36 days 320.37Mt
  • Extremely urgently needed for 15 days 373.77Mt
  • Express for 5 Days 427.16Mt
For applicants from the USA are required to pay the fees listed below.

1.Student visa Regular $70.00

2.Student Visa Rush as well as emergency $160.00


1.Validity Twelve (12) months

2.Renewal times for 12 (12) months, until studies are finished

Examples of Documents

Sample application forms can be downloaded from


1.An applicant must make sure that they have an active visa

2.An applicant must make sure that the admission is to an school in the country

3.Applicants are advised to not giving false information or submitting fake documents

4.Applicants must be healthy and of good character;

5.A student should be prepared to abide by the guidelines and rules of the immigration department and the nation as a the whole

6.Ensure you have permission from your parents or guardians;

7.Foreigners who hold diplomatic or service-related passports as well as Laissez Passer prior to making an application for visa should be issued an authorization note from the relevant Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consulate, Embassy or International Organization concerned;

8.Applicants should be aware that payment to obtain a visa is not a guarantee of the visa’s issuance, an application for a visa could be rejected even if payment has been made

9.Applicants should be aware that visa fees cannot be refunded in the event of refusal of visa applications;

10.When the visa is issued, it is not a valid that the visa holder is authorized to enter the country

11.Entry control is done by the immigration department at entry points;

12.Always utilize designated ports to enter the country.

13.Incomplete applications lead to delays in the issuance of visas;

14.Applications are to be made in person

15.Application for minor applicants can be made by parents or authorized older people;

16.It is recommended not to provide notarized documents, however, you can submit certified copies

Requirements Information

1.Name of student

2.Contact with physical address and contact information of the student

3.Nationality of the student

4.Sex and age, as well as marital status of the student

5.Highest qualifications of the applicant

6.Reason for wanting to study in Mozambique

7.Particulars of the institution or institution in Mozambique (Name contact, name, as well as physical address);

8.Particulars of the course/programme of study;

9.Year at admission, and the length of the course

10.Physical and contact information for the place where applicant will be staying in Mozambique

Need to have the Document

The Mozambique students visa granted to foreigners to permit them to complete their studies at any institution offering higher learning in Mozambique. Similar to other visas one, the Mozambique student visa is granted by government, through the Immigration Service and through Mozambican embassies, High Commissions and Consulates in other countries.

Information that could be helpful

1.Its crucial to remember that visitors to Mozambique that require a visa order to to travel to Mozambique must obtain the visa prior to their travel date. If it is not possible to obtain a visa prior to travel and you would like in applying for a visa to the border traveler must get permission by the Direco Nacional de Migrao;

2.It is equally important to be aware of the operating hours and the name of the agency that is identified as issuing to stay clear of visiting the agency during non-operational times or days.

Other uses for the document/certificate

1.With the student visa or permit, foreigners are allowed to attend school in Mozambique;

2.By issuing student visas the country earns money;

3.It allows foreigners to stay temporarily inside the country during a specified amount of time

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