How to Apply for the Grant of an Exploration License In Uganda

Apply for the Grant of an Exploration License In Uganda By Online

“Explore” or “explore” is to describe and assess the value of a mineral resource. Apply In-Person

  1. The request of An Exploration License should be made to the Commissioner using the prescribed form.
  2. In accordance with the Mining Regulations, 2004, Section11(a) A request to grant an exploration permit under the section 26(a) (a) of the Act must be submitted to the Commissioner on Form II, as specified in the Regulations.
  3. Visit the office and get an exploration license application from the relevant department.visit their website at the following link
  4. Ask the staff at the office regarding the documents that should be included to the application form that you have completed. Fill out the application in the manner required, including relevant details and information.
  5. After filling out the form according to the requirement and the documents required, you must attach them together with the form that you have completed.
  6. Be sure to pay the fee in the amount that is required. Once you have paid your application and the documents you have attached will be sent to various verification procedures and verification.
  7. The Commissioner issues The Commissioner grants the Exploration License according to Section 27(1). In accordance with The Mining Regulations, 2004 Section 3(1) The award of an Exploration license is to be done on the form XIX as specified in the Regulations.
  8. Section 30 defines the period for an Exploration License as not exceeding three years. The renewals are with a duration of not more than 2 years in the duration of a single time.
  9. After all the steps have been completed and all the documents completed Your application will be approved , and the exploration permit will then be granted following advance announcement.

Required Documents For Apply for the Grant of an Exploration License

  1. A valid prospecting license is required.
  2. Returns of Profit and Loss submitted to demonstrate that you are following an organized and effective plan of action.
  3. Map of the desired area at 1:150,000 scale
  4. Work plan for exploration of the project to prove that you’re likely to be able to pay for the work you are planning and any rehabilitation.
  5. The brief for the project should prove that you’re a fit and legitimate person to obtain an official license.
  6. Completed form II fill to inform the public about your intentions, and to provide an possibility of objections.
  7. Financial competence is a prerequisite for the person applying for a job in exploration.
  8. Two duplicates of the form are sent to the Commissioner.
  9. The proof of payment and of the deposit to cover expert fees
  10. The applicant can submit the application to other agencies for comments and guidance on any questions regarding heritage or land protection.

Office Locations and Contacts

Atomic Energy Council
The plot 40 Bukoto Street,
P.O. 7044 KampalaUganda. Uganda.
Phone: +256-414-696-333/5 (toll free)


  • Candidates must be able invest their money in the venture of prospecting for minerals , or mining activities in Uganda.


  • Registration Fee: 500,000 Ugx
  • Mineral rent 50,000 Ugx per km2 per annum
  • A gazetting award consisting of EL 300,000 Ugx


  • The validity period is typically three years, and renewal is mandatory.

Processing Time

  • The maximum processing time needed for a license to expend of 7 working days.


  • An exploration license cannot be granted to the land which is subject to mining leases or retention license or a license to locate.
  • Article 31(1) of the Act gives an Exploration License holder the exclusive rights to conduct exploration activities in the region that is a part of the license.
  • In accordance with Section 28(1) in the Act No exploration license can be granted to an area of land which is subject to an mining lease, a retention licence or a location licence.

The Information You Need

  • Someone who wants to apply for an exploration permit must apply for one.
  • Name, address, and the nationality for the person applying.
  • If it is a body corporate, the corporation’s name, address of registered office and the country in which it is incorporated.
  • Names, addresses and qualifications of prospective supervisors and principal contractors to be used to complete the project.
  • The description and the location for the project, the amount of capital investment, technologies to be employed Site and construction plans.
  • The date for completion of the project is the date of completion.
  • Environmental project brief or environmental impact statement in the form and with the information prescribed by the Environment(Environment Impact 4 Assessment)for further processing.
  • Description of security programs, equipment and plans to ensure the protection of health and safety at work, industrial security and environmental protection in regular construction operations and contingency plans for natural disasters, accidents and emergencies.
  • Tax Identification Numbers for investors who are new and a tax clearance certificates for existing businesses.

Documentation is needed

  • In order to carry the activities of prospecting, exploration or mining operations, legislation allows various permits.


  • Prospecting License
  • Exploration License
  • Retention License
  • Mining Lease
  • Location License

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