How to Apply License or Permit for Operation and Maintenance of Pipelines in Nigeria

 Apply License or Permit for Operation and Maintenance of Pipelines in Nigeria By Yourself

  • To apply for a License or Permit to Operate and Maintenance of Pipelines in person, the applicant needs to go to in the offices of the Department of Petroleum Resources.
  • Contact details and address of DPR are available in this contact page

  • Visit the office and get the application for a Permit or License to Operation and Maintenance of Pipelines from the appropriate department.
  • Check to see if you have all the required documents on the “Required Documents” section on this page.
  • Fill out the application form and attach the supporting documents (as required) along with the application form.
  • After that, you must submit the application to the authority in charge in the appropriate office. Then pay the necessary fees according to the instructions of the officials.
  • Following submission, the application and the documents attached will be presented to be verified and validated.
  • If they find that the necessary requirements are in order after which the official will begin to carry out the next necessary actions.
  • A thorough inspection is conducted to confirm the location of the business and to evaluate the technical proficiency as well as the financial capacity.
  • After all the necessary steps have been completed and the permit/license is available for collection You will be informed by email or telephone and asked to pick up the license.

Documents Required For Apply License or Permit

  • The completed application form
  • Documentation of Registration
  • Memorandum of Understanding and Articles of Association
  • The preliminary plan of organization
  • Financial plan
  • Proof of payment for required fees for application under the law
  • Equipment reports
  • The reports on availability indicate that there are sufficient resources
  • Evidence of the availability of skilled manpower
  • Approved engineering drawings
  • Any supporting document (as required)

Office Locations and Contacts

Headquarters,Department of Petroleum Resources,
7 KofoAbayomi Street,
Victoria Island,
Lagos, Nigeria.
Contact numbers Call numbers: Contact numbers: (1) 2790000 or 9037150.
Site: homepage
Link to contact
Google Map link directions. Map hyperlink directions
In the case of Oil & Gas Industry Service Permit (OGISP) inquiries,
Tel: +234 (1) 2790000, 9037150 Ext. 50295-7

What are all the Eligibility

  • Any Nigerian organisation, which plans to maintain and operate Pipelines could apply.
  • Other essential technical requirements are listed in the following list of technical specifications


Contact us to inquire about fees.

Requirements Information

  • Name and Nationality of the Company
  • An address for registration in Nigeria
  • Capital available
  • Location and type proposed for the premises
  • Plant capacity range
  • Gross estimation
  • Any relevant details

Need to have the Document

A valid license or permit obtained from DPR is required for any Nigerian company requires permission to manage and maintain pipelines in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry.



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