How To Apply Residence Permit(Foreigners already in China) In China

How To Apply Residence Permit(Foreigners already in China) In China

Documents Required Apply Residence Permit(Foreigners already in China)

  • Applicant must complete the application form “permanent residency of non-Chinese residents China Application Form ” and include all the required materials:(1) an original passport from a foreign country or replacement of the passport;
    (2) (2) the Chinese government-issued quarantine, issued by the department or the Chinese consulate or embassy recognized health care organizations from abroad in order to provide a medical certification ;
    (3) (3). By (3) by the Chinese consulate or embassy in China with a certified copy of the absence of a criminal record;
    (4) four and two inches of color photos that are recent and bareheaded ;
    (5) from the Rules of other materials.

What Are All The Eligibility

In order to be eligible for permanent residency applicants from outside China must adhere to Chinese laws , be in good health and no criminal convictions, and satisfy the following requirements:

Set eligibility criteria for going through this process.

  • direct investment direct investment China direct investment in China. Invest directly in China in China for three straight years, investing in a stable and secure condition with good tax records;
  • within China for vice president and deputy director , and other positions as associate professor or higher , senior vice researcher or above, get the same title and status repeatedly for more than four years , and at minimum, three of the four years of living in China with clean tax reports;
  • is a significant and outstanding contribution in China and China needs. Chinese nationally need;
  • from the (1. ), (2. ), (3.) Subparagraph 3 for spouses and children who are not married but who are younger than 18 ;
  • A spouse who is Chinese citizens or foreigners who are permanent residents in China the marriage relationship has been in place during five years is living in China over five years, with permanent residence for at least nine months per calendar year within China and has a stable sources of subsistence and residency ;
  • parents who have unmarried children who are under 18 years of age;
  • There are no relatives in the direct family abroad who are seeking asylum within your immediate family older than 60 years old and has resided staying in China since 2005, with permanent residence, a residence for not less than nine months during the year in China as well as a reliable source of food and lodging

The period of this section is referred to the prior years to the date of application

Beyond (1). Foreigners who are referred to the investment in China that have actually received registered capital must satisfy the following requirements:
(1) In the United States, the government, the state promulgated the “Foreign Investment Guidance Catalogue for Industry ” that encouraged investment in the industry totalling US$500,000 or more
(2) in China’s western regions , and the crucial counties in the national effort to alleviate poverty and development investments in excess of US$500,000 total ;
(3) within central China was invested in more than US$1 million in total;
(4) four Chinese investments total US$2,000,000 or more.

Beyond (2) foreigners who are referred to the office units must be in compliance with the following requirements:
(1) (1) State Council departments or provincial government-owned public institutions owned by the people ;
(2) High-level Ecole educational institutions;
(3) the execution of key national projects, or large research projects by enterprises and institutions;
(4) high-tech companies such as encouraged foreign investment companies and foreign-invested advanced technology companies or foreign-invested export companies.


Permanent residence permit fee: 1 Processing cost: RMB1500; 2, “Ali


  • The applicant must complete an application form “permanent resident of foreigners living in China application form ” and include the following documents:
  • A valid passport from another country or replacement for the passport ;
  • the Chinese government-issued quarantine, which is that is issued by department or the Chinese consulate or embassy authorized foreign health care institutions for the purpose of issuance of a health certification ;
  • By the Chinese consulate or embassy abroad with a certified copy of the absence of a criminal record;
  • Four and a half inches of recent, naked-headed color photos ;
  • of the Regulations for the other of the Regulations for other related.
  • Over (Eligibility 1)). Direct investment direct investment China Foreign investor applicants is required to submit a an approval certificate for foreign investment enterprises as well as registration certificate, evidence of joint inspection along with a verification report. an individual tax clearance document .
    Foreign investment companies that are encouraged to invest in the country should be submitted to the State for encouragement to develop projects with foreign investment .
  • Over (Eligibility 2)). The application must include the following documents :
    (1) Serving units are issued evidence of their position or title;
    (2) “Foreign Expert Certificate ” or ” Alien Employment Permit ” ;
    (3) Working units annually inspection certificate, the proof of registration, personal tax clearance certificate ; if your office is one of the foreign invested company Foreign-invested companies need to provide the certificate of approval as well as a joint annual inspection certificates ;
    (4) during the execution of national-level projects or large research projects of companies and institutions, the executing staff is required to submit the provincial government and ministerial department responsible for the project’s documentation for high-tech companies for example, high-tech businesses are required to submit certificates encouraging foreign investment and foreign-invested advanced technology companies or foreign-invested export enterprises as well as the employees who are serving to submit the state’s encouragement of foreign investment for the course of development of the confirmation letter of the project or foreign-invested advanced technology enterprise confirmation letters or export companies with confirmation letters from foreign investment companies. letter from foreign investment company.
  • above (Eligibility Three). An applicant who is mentioned as a candidate in Item Chinese government needs to present an official recommendation letter issued by the relevant authorities along with the necessary evidence.
  • Above (Eligibility above (Eligibility). The applicant, as the spouse, must present proof of marriage. as children who are not married and under 18 years old must submit the birth certificate or evidence of parentage. If the relationship is one of adoption must submit evidence of adoption. If the documents were from foreign establishments, additional documentation is required from China’s Chinese Embassy within the nation as well as consular certificate.
  • above (Eligibility above (Eligibility). The applicant must be provided with proof of nationality or permanent residence of the Chinese spouse or “Alien Permit for Permanent Residence” of the spouse from abroad or the marriage certificate of both spouses, notarized proof of living and evidence of ownership or rental . If the documents were from foreign establishments, additional documents are needed from China’s Chinese Embassy of the foreign country, as well as consular certificates.
  • Above (Eligibility 6.). the applicant should have provided with proof of nationality as well as proof of permanent residency for parents of Chinese as well as “Alien Permanent Residence Permit” for parents who are foreigners. the applicant’s birth certificate , or proof of parentage; or an adoptive parent must be submitted evidence of adoption . If the documents were provided by foreign organizations, additional documents are demanded by Chinese Embassy within the country as well as consular certificate.
  • above (Eligibility above (Eligibility). The applicant who is submitting an application for surrender must submit Chinese citizens who are surrendered with evidence of residency and foreigners with their “Alien Permanent Residence Permit” and notarized evidence of kinship and without direct relatives in other countries and notarized evidence of financial resources or those seeking refuge by affidavit of financial refuge, notarized individual or patron of ownership or rental certificates . If the documents were provided by an institution from outside the country, additional documents are needed to be provided by authorities at the Chinese Embassy of the foreign country as well as consular certificate.
  • Foreigners applying for permanent residency in China either by themselves or unmarried children younger than 18 years of age , or parents to be the main significant investment or permanent residence to municipality or municipal district or the public security agency of the branch for public security county office to apply. On behalf of the trustee of the application , it is necessary to provide an authority granted to the person applying. If the power of attorney is issued in a foreign nation requires additional proof from China Embassy. Chinese Embassy of the foreign country, as well as consular certificates.

Documentation is needed

  • for the regulation of approval process for permanent residence of foreigners for China management jobs as per “The People’s Republic of China Entry and Exit Administration Law” and the implementation details of the applicable regulations enacted by this method.
  • Permanent residence of foreigners living in China is the term used to describe the length of their residence in China is not limited.
  • “Alien Permanent Residence Permit” is used to gain permanent residence status for China the legal residence of foreigners on the China territory. China identity documents. The permit can be used in conjunction with other .
  • Get permanent residency status to be granted permanent residence status in China Foreigners with a valid passports or “Alien Permanent Residence Permit ” are able to enter and leave China .
  • Accepting applications to become permanent residents for foreigners living in China are the governing bodies of municipal districts, the public security agency, the sub-municipalities for public security, and counties ; and audit application for permanent residence for foreigners within China ‘s government authorities in the autonomous regions of the provinces as well as municipalities that are directly under Public Security Bureau, Bureau of Approval for the applications to stay permanently of foreigners by the China’s Ministry of Public Security organization.



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