How To Buy a Monthly Rail Pass In China

How To Buy a Monthly Rail Pass In China

  • Visit any of the designated office of the Bank of China or ticket windows at railway stations, with the required details and the fee.
  • Inform the issuer at the branch or at the store the monthly card you would like to purchase, whether it’s the gold or silver card.
  • Provide the necessary information to the issuer, and pay the appropriate amount. How to recharge the pass:You can recharge your pass at the designated office in the BOC or ticket counters located in railway stations. The amount of money on a card shouldn’t exceed CNY1000. Make sure the balance of your card will cover the costs from the initial to the final station of your route, or you are not allowed to get into the station.

Office Locations and Contacts

Beijing Tianjin intercity:
No.32 as well as 33 windows of No. 3 Ticket Hall in Beijing South;
No.2 in the South station building, and No.15 underground of the north space from Tianjin station;
No.4 located in Wuqing station;
No.1 and 7 at Tanggu station;
No.1 in Tianjin West

Shanghai Nanjing/Hangzhou:
No.16-22 in the south area in the south square Shanghai Railway Station;
No.32, 65-70, and 87 in Shanghai Hongqiao;
No.3 in Kunshan South;
Self-service ticket hall located in the North Square of Wuxi Railway Station;
No.2 or 9 Changzhou Railway Station;
No.7 in Jiangxing South;
No.0 as well as 1 window in the south ticket hall as well as No.5 window in the north ticket hall at Hangzhou Railway Station

Guangzhou Zhuhai intercity:
No.2, No. 68 and 87, Guangzhou South;
No.2 at Xiaolan Station;
No.2 2 Zhongshan North;
No.7 and 8 at Zhuhai Station;
No.4 in Xinhui Station

Haikou Sanya:
No.1 located in Haikou Station;
No.14 as well as 15 are in Haikou East;
No.2 and 3 at Qinghai Station;
No.9 and 10 at Sanya Railway Station

Self-service queuing machine:
Beijing South Station: beside the escalators close to North South and North South entrances 1F; close to the entrance to the No.8 entrance hall on 1F in the vicinity of the southwest escalator to the south of -1F. No.2 along with No.3 ticket offices located on 2F.

Tianjin Station located between the ticket office and the entrance at the southern square. just inside the gate on the north square close to the entrance on north square; in front of the ticket counter on 1F in the northern station’s building.

Tianjin West: close to A2 B2, A3 A6, A7 B6 and B7 Check-in desks.
Wuqing Station: inside ticket office.
Tanggu Station: beside No.7 ticket window at the ticket office.

What Are All The Eligibility

The pass is issued to anyone who lives in China and includes both Chinese citizens as well as foreigners.


A security deposit of CNY30 and a ticket fare of at least CNY300 on the gold card, and CNY500 to the gold credit card is required upon buying the pass. It is an annual charge that is CNY10 for every card.


The rail pass card for the month is able to be used multiple times unlike paper tickets. The card will be charged from time to time in accordance with your usage.

Processing Time

It will process the card right away and issued once you’ve followed these steps.


The pass is available at the designated locations at the Bank of China (BOC) and ticket window locations in various railway stations.

How to make use of the card Prior to leaving pass holders are able to check into the station by tapping their card in the check-in machines that self-service. Once you have arrived at your location, they must swipe your card once more to exit the station. This is when the ticket price is taken off.

Requirements Information

Passengers with valid Passengers with valid General ID card Home Return Permits in the case of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan people, or a foreign passport. If you want someone else to purchase the pass on behalf of you passports or ID cards of both are required.

The Document is required Buy a Monthly Rail Pass

China rail passes were first introduced in 2013. The pass differs from traditional train tickets. It’s a prepaid card that allows you to travel on bullet trains from Beijing as well as Tianjin, Shanghai and Hangzhou, Shanghai and Nanjing, Guangzhou and Zhuhai, Haikou and Sanya. There is no discount for travel using the card, however taking into account Chinas large population, it will save the time spent waiting in line for a paper ticket.

The pass comes in two varieties of pass: silver and gold.

Information that can be useful

Nobody else will be able to use your credit card as it contains your personal data.

What is your seat number when you’re using the pass? At present, only passengers on the intercity trains running between Beijing as well as Tianjin will receive their seat number prior to embarking. They can swipe their card in a self-service queueing machine and receive a receipt that includes the departure date and time along with the train number and seat number as well as the number on the pass. There are other routes that do not have a self-queuing machineand so customers won’t be able to identify the seat they are in until they are into the train. In general 10-20 seats in carriage No. 6 are reserved for passengers with passes They are only able to seat in the reserved section. If seats reserved for pass holders are filled pass holders are able to sit in other seats with consent of the conductors. When all the seats are filled Pass holders are required to stand.

Change, refund , or loss of passPassengers can get their rail pass modified or returned at designated ticket windows at stations at railways. Passengers are able to cancel the seat in case they were not on board. The cancellation must be done within 30 minutes following the departure time. CNY20 is charged to reimburse the pass. If you lose your pass and you want to replace it, you can purchase another one, but the any money you have spent on the lost card will not be reimbursed. CNY10 is charged to the purchase of a new card.
The ticket paper can be printed at ticket kiosks within 31 days of the date of the trip. Each ticket is printed only once.



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