How to Applying for Electricity in Rural Areas In Uganda

Applying for Electricity in Rural Areas In Uganda By Online

  1. The first thing you should do is ensure that the area you are planning to supply power to is properly installed; also, make sure that everything such as earthing and full wiring is done by a skilled electrician who holds an operating certificate from the distributor company.
  2. Visit the local office of the distribution and request the application forms.
  3. Complete all required payments (Survey charges).
  4. Attach a map of your site as well as proof of ownership the wiring man’s certificate also an overall receipt.
  5. In approximately 3 days the personal surveyor of the distribution company arrives and inspects the area that power is provided to ascertain if everything was done as suggested.
  6. Following a time period of 1 week to two weeks following the survey’s review The applicant will need to visit the Distribution branch of the company from in which he or she made the application in order to carry on the process of making payments. The payment may or may not contain a the cost of the purchase of a new pole.
  7. After payment, it can take between 1 week and 2 weeks for one be able to have electricity installed at the location of their choice.

Required Documents For Applying for Electricity in Rural Areas

  1. One Passport photo
  2. Evidence of ownership
  3. Tenancy Agreement (and one passport photo of the landlord)
  4. Certificate of the installation’s successful completion
  5. A sketch map of your home.

Office Locations and Contacts

Tel: 031-2185185 (MTN); 041-4185185 (UTL); 075-2185185 (ZAIN); 070 -185185(WARID); 0800185185(TOLL FREE); 0800185186(TOLL FREE)

Plot No.10, Hannington Rd.
P.O.Box 7625
Tel: +256 -417- 802 000 | +256-414-233433/4


  • Anyone who owns a building and requires electricity
  • Anyone who rents a building can apply for electricity so in the event that he/she has the proper documents


Surveying / Inspection

  • Domestic Connection charges 41,300(UGX)
  • Commercial Connection 47,200(UGX)
  • Three Phase (UGX) 88,500(UGX)
  • KVA Phase 118,000(UGX)

Capital Contribution fees

  • No Pole Service 98,000 (UGX)
  • One Pole Service 326,000 (UGX)

Security Deposit

  • Domestic Customer 100,000(UGX)
  • Commercial Single phase 200,000(UGX)

Commercial Three-phase 200,000(UGX)


In the event that one pays the outstanding charges and pays the outstanding bills, one has the right to get electricity.

Processing Time

The time frame varies according to the place where the power provider is in the case of a power applicant. For instance, it might take between 5 and two weeks for the surveyor to visit the location in which power will be supplied to ascertain if everything was done in the correct manner.

The applicant is required to return between 1 and two weeks following the survey examination (according to how he/ they are instructed by an agent) to pay the invoice after the quotation has been prepared;
The availability of quotations varies, for example:
For the standard services, customers are provided with estimates within 3 days of receiving their request (No pole service, and only single pole)

For non-standardized new services.

  • 1 >LV Poles 1 phase: 5 3 days following receipt of the application
  • (Scheme) and LV applications with poles greater than5 (Scheme) up to 5 days after the date of receipt of the application.

After payment, it can take anywhere from 1 week and two weeks to be able to have electricity installed at the location of their choice.
It also differs depending on the service, such as standard services. Customers are connected to supply within 3 days following the payment (No poles service) or 5 days following the payment (One pole-based services) and for services that aren’t standardized.

  • 1 >LV Poles <5 for 1-phase – 7 days after payment,
  • 3 phase poles for 0 > LV Poles 5 – 14 days


  • Complete the application forms and fill them precisely;
  • Pay all the necessary bills;
  • Attach all the necessary documents;
  • Submit application;

Requirements Information

  1. Complete details about the applicant , including contact numbers and addresses.
  2. In the case of tenants, the details of landlords are needed.

The Document is required

The electricity in Uganda is supplied through a company that is that is contracted with Uganda’s Government of Uganda.

Information that can be useful

After a successful inspection, and based on the outcome the application of the applicant can be either accepted or rejected and if rejected, you will need to repeat the process number 1. If the application is accepted then the next step follows.

Other uses for the document/certificate

It is vital because it lets us make use of machines like television sets ovens, ovens, air conditioners and fans that simplify our lives. It’s not just machines, but people require it to heat their homes during the winter months, and to power their various forms of entertainment, such as television sets, or make use of the electricity’s light source to make it easier to move through the night and accomplish things even after the sun is gone.

Electricity can also help us be able to see clearly at night and in dark areas. Electricity is produced from the combustion of crude oil as well as other natural resources that are depleted. Therefore, if electricity is not saved, we won’t ever have electricity again.

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