How To Change a Name or Surname In Czech Republic

How To Change a Name or Surname In Czech Republic

  • A request to change the surname or name must be submitted in writing.
  • The written request should contain the information required.
  • Send or send your request to:
    • Registry Office in whose administrative district the applicant is registered to obtain the permanent residence or for the last residency is in the Czech Republic,
    • the minor child’s Registry Office in the place of residence.
    • Office of Prague 1 , offered by the applicant or the child who not a stay.
    • In the event of a significant reason the registry office needs is required to forward the application to the registry office where the birth name of the book or surname to be changed.
  • Make sure you pay the charges.

Documents Required Change a Name or Surname

  • A marriage or birth certificate document, such as a certificate of birth certificate or a minor child
  • for divorced individuals in the case of divorce, a final judgement of divorce
  • In the case of those who are who are widowed, death certificate
  • documents that prove permanent residency evidence of permanent residence Czech Republic (such as ID card or the proof of residence permit)
  • evidence of proof of citizenship (ie. identification certificate, passport or certificate or a document proving Czech citizenship, or a certificate of *legal capacity to marry and if it has information regarding the citizenship of the Czech Republic provided)
  • identification document (identity card or passport, certificate of residence permit issued in the Czech Republic, license applicants for international protection, document of residence permit issued by an official refugee)
  • Consent of persons who are older than 15 years old for changing names or or surnames
  • for a minor when a child is present, the written agreement from the parent who is not the child’s father or mother, as well as a order to substitute the agreement

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of the InteriorDepartment of General Administration
Department of Citizenship and Registry
Heroes Square 3, The Heroes Square 3,
140 21 Praha 4
Tel. 974 817 438
Email: ,
Office hours Monday and Wednesday between 8.00 until 17.00 hours

Offices of MOI

How To Change a Name or Surname In Czech Republic
How To Change a Name or Surname In Czech Republic

What Are All The Eligibility

Changes in name or surname could be filed by following:

  • Czech citizen or legal guardianship of minor citizens of the Czech Republic
  • natural person who isn’t natural person who does not Czech Republic, if granted permanent residency within the Czech Republic


The cost is 100 CZK for this situation:

  • When permission is granted to alter the surname is granted, it must not be defamatory, bizarre or funny, corrupted, or in a foreign language
  • When permission is granted is granted to alter the surname the previous name
  • If permission is granted to change surname of the child assigned to foster care as a newborn guardian or foster parent is granted to the common surname foster parents or legal guardians, or the surname they have agreed to for their children’s when foster parents or guardians are grandparents or siblings or parents of minors.


In other situations the applicant must be required to pay 1000 CZK.

Processing Time

The administrative authority will resolve the issue within 30 days and, in more complicated cases, no longer than 60 days.


  • The possibility of changing surnames is allowed particularly in the event of surnames that are abusive or outrageous or for any other reasons.
  • The change in name should not be asking for one male wants to change names of females or reversed, asking if there is a name change that occurs in the name is zdrobn?l, garbled, domesticated or name that is a result of siblings living in common. If there are doubts regarding the correct spellings of names, the applicant must present a written statement from an expert.
  • The change of name or surname is not permitted when the change is not in line with the needs and desires or interests of the person who is minor.
  • The cost is due in cash or by money or order before the procedure which is. before deciding whether to grant a to change the surname or name. If you want to change the surnames of spouses, parents or parents with minor children with a common surnames, they pay just one cost. To change the surname of more that minor kids of identical parents has been paid only one cost.
  • Free of charge is changing the name. This occurs after notification of the divorced spouse that they will accept my former surname, or when I cease using the name common to both spouses in lieu of the name of the prior surname, provided that they were aware of the fact that it was a registration office before six months following the decision comes into effect concerning divorce.
  • Exempt from paying the fee is the ability to change the surname and name of the individual in the case of a change in gender.

The Information You Need

The request for written notice must include the following details:

  • The name or names such as surname, maiden names the date and location of birth, or the the date and place of marriage of the applicants.
  • Personal identification number to identify you personally.
  • the place of residence for the duration of their stay or for the residence of a minor child
  • name, surnames, or names that the applicant has selected
  • the name or surnames maiden name, the birth date and location of birth child or spouse was connected to the change in name or surname for these individuals
  • information on applicants for citizenship or minor children
  • Reasoning

The Document is required Change a Name or Surname

The surname or name of a Czech citizens is able to be changed upon their request or application to or their representatives legally authorized. The following are the procedures to alter the name or surname of a citizen in the Czech Republic.

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