How to Change Address Driver License In Japan

Change Address Driver License In Japan By Online

  1. If you relocate the location of your residence within Japan then you’ll have to change your current address on your driver’s license.
  2. To change your address on your driver’s license, you’ll need to go to your local police station. They can do this for you.
  3. You’ll need to go to the police station that falls under the your jurisdiction you reside.
  4. Before you can add your address on your driver’s license, it must update the new address on the Alien Registration Card or in your ID proof to be able to provide it to the police to verify the address.
  5. The police stations usually are open between 10.00 am until 15:00 pm. However, some may have their offices open until 17:30.

Required Documents For Change Address Driver License

  • Current driver license
  • Aliens registration card or equivalent identity card


  • If you move to a new home or apartment that you lease, it is your responsibility to update the address on your driver’s license in the earliest time possible.

The Document is required

This process will provide you with information about how you can change the address on your Japanese driver’s license.



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