How To Change Your Name (Deed Poll) In Algeria

How To Change Your Name (Deed Poll) In Algeria

The method you use for changing your name will be contingent on which category you fall into. The process of changing your name after divorce or marriage is an easy process, whereas changing your name simply because’ may require a bit more effort, however it is still fairly straightforward and much easier than it was in the past.

If you want to alter your identity, you must submit an application to your area Superior Court that details the reasons for changing your name. If the court accepts your petition, it will have to change you Social Security card, driver’s license, and passport.

Documents Required Change Your Name (Deed Poll)

  • A written request, made by the individual addressed to Minister Justice.
  • The birth certificate for the applicant as well as the minor children of the applicant “Full copy” obtained from the civil registry of the municipality where the birthplace.
  • Marriage certificate for married couples Original copy extracted from the civil registers in the city, or when the marriage contract was signed.
  • Copy of the announcement is published in the daily papers; when the page that is used to insert the ad should be copied to allow you can see the publication’s name, its number and the date of the announcement can be read.
  • Certificate of Algerian nationality.
  • Update to the Register of Convictions 3.
  • Three (03) recent passport photos.
  • Role extract.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Justice8 location Bir Hakim El-Biar Algiers.
Tel. (213) 021 92-41-83
Fax: (213) 021 92-17-01
Contact the courts of administration
Contact the justices
Directory of Algerian Consular and Diplomatic representations overseas

How To Change Your Name (Deed Poll) In Algeria
How To Change Your Name (Deed Poll) In Algeria

What Are All The Eligibility

Anyone who is over the age of the age of “19 years old” can submit at the Department of Justice Minister of Justice to make to change their name for legitimate reasons and purposes like having a name that is obnoxious that is vulgar or foreign in sound.


After receiving the notice of his request he promises before the magistrate of the court the jurisdiction that it has the place of residence. the name change request is not intended to hide the identity of a suspect.

Requirements Information

  • Your name appears on the birth certificate or on documents of citizenship or immigration.
  • The full name that you are trying to change (if you’re switching your names).
  • Birth date and location
  • Marital status and information
  • Residences for the at least three months
  • Address for correspondence

The Document is required Change Your Name (Deed Poll)

If you use or want to use an alternative name to the name you registered There exists no lawful requirement to change your name officially. It is advised to change your name in a formal manner to be able to identify yourself and to prove the name change.

Name change is generally the legal action of an individual who adopts the name of a different person from the name they had at birth or marriage. The procedure and the ease of the name change differs in different areas.

Information that could be helpful

In general, you can legally change your identity to any name you’d like to. There are a few exceptions, however:

  • It is not possible to change your name in order to avoid debt or to avoid criminal charges.
  • It is not possible to change your name to commit an offense.
  • You shouldn’t alter your name to deceive. It is usually done by taking the name of a celebrity. The courts generally don’t allow this, unless you can provide an evidence-based argument that is not connected to the person who is famous or the usage of his or her name.
  • It is not advisable to choose a name that is confusing because it contains punctuation or numerals. Some judges have permitted individuals to write the numbers in a different way such as “Seven” in place of “7”.
  • You shouldn’t pick names that could be intimidating people, make them uncomfortable or be considered to be obscene.
  • It is impossible to pick a racial slur.

Other uses for the document/certificate

You might want you to alter your name based on:

  • You’ve just been married
  • You’ve been divorced
  • Just want to change your mind

External Links

The name of the change

Ministry of Justice



Most important you need to do in order to legally change you name legally is begin with your new name. Introduce yourself by using the new identity, complete documents and applications using the new address, inform your family and friends to speak to you under your new name. Also, inform your employer and/or school about your brand new address. There is no any legal proof to prove that you’ve altered your identity, so long as it is clear that you are able to be identified with your new name. There are however situations, such as seeking a passport where additional proof of the change in name is required. The required evidence varies based on the reason the evidence is needed. It could be:

  • A letter from a responsible individual
  • A public announcement
  • a statutory declaration
  • a deed poll

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