How To Convert a Foreign Driver License In China

How To Convert a Foreign Driver License In China

Step 1: Apply procedure

  • Go towards Shanghai Vehicle Management Bureau at Hami Road with all the above-mentioned documents.
  • Visit the building no.9 and pay to get a photograph. They will require the permit to reside along with your passport, the licence of your home country and its Chinese translated copy.
  • Visit the photo taking area, which you will be informed upon payment for the pictures.
  • Make sure you take your photographs and go to the building no.10 to get your photos along with the application form and medical checkup lists. The application must be filled out in Chinese for your address, name as well as your nationality. attach your photo. If you do not have a Chinese person is with your application, you may want to seek the assistance of security personnel to complete the application.
  • Pay for the medical examination fees after filling out the form within the same building. Then, rush to the area for physical examination on the 2nd floor of the building no.10. The tests are for audiography, sight the blood pressure and bmi, and color blindness. Don’t forget to fill out the the medical check-list form after every test.
  • After the medical exam is completed, visit the clerk on the left hand side of the stairs and present a the medical exam certificate.
  • Bring all the documents you need and go to building. 1 to get the waiting number . Then, proceed to the 2nd floor, which is reserved for foreigners. The clerk will review your personal information and documents, will then provide you with the schedule of your written computer tests.
  • When you schedule a time for your written exam, you will receive an exam slip that will include dates and times for your test.
  • Step 2: Examine
    • On the day of the test return to the exam room with your booking slip, along with all the documents you brought with you on the first day of the exam take a direct route to the 3rd floor in building no.1 and sit for the exam that you wrote and it will last 45 minutes.
    • You must study for the exam on the site which has approximately 1500 questions of which 100 are tested according to the proportions stated on the site. For passing, you need to get 90 marks or more.
    • When you’ve completed the test after which you will know the score you earned and whether you passed or failed.
    • If you’re not able to, go to one of the counter clerks for stamping your photos and documents. head down to the 1st floor to get your waiting number . Then go back to the 2nd floor obtain the final stamp. make payment for the issuance of you with your License in the counter that is opposite to them. Once more, go to the counters to get your license. Take all your documents and your license payment receipt. Pay the clerk. You’ll receive a ticket/number and wait until the number you have received is called, and you’ll receive your new licence in about 10 minutes.
    • In the event that you do not pass, go down to the 1st level to collect your waiting number. return to the 2nd floor counters to determine the next date available to take the exam again.

Documents that are required Convert a Foreign Driver License

  • Passport and Photocopy (first Page with Name and visa page)
  • A valid Residents Permit is required for China & Photocopy
  • A certified translation of the foreign driving licenses from certified translation companies.
  • Original driving licence + photocopy (front and back)
  • Temporary Residence Form (the one that the police handed you) and a photocopies.

Office Locations and Contacts

Shanghai Interpreters’ Association. 1607, No. 1277 Beijing Road (W) (Crossby Xi kang road)
Tel: 021-63239910/63233608
The nearest Metro Station is located between line 2’s Jingan Temple and West Nanjing Road.

The authority that issues driving licenses located in Shanghai, China:
Shanghai Vehicle Management Bureau
No.1330,Ha Mi Road (Crossby Jin bang road)
Tel: 021-62690606
Bus Lines: 739, 807, 88 & Xin Bei Special Line
The nearest Metro Station is Line 2Bei Xin Jing, Line 10 as well as Line 10 Shanghai Zoo

What Are All The Eligibility

This is applicable to all foreigners, regardless in the event that you already have a residence permit on your passport.


Your visa should last at minimum 90 days prior to when you begin the process of converting your driver’s license.

Requirements Information

  • Name of the person who is applying
  • Passport number
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Address
  • Contacts

The Document is required Convert a Foreign Driver License

It is true that the International Driving License is not accepted in China However, you can convert your driver’s license from your country to an official one. There are a variety of techniques and steps required for this, and the process differs from city to city.

Information that could be helpful

It is important to note the fact that an International Drivers Permit (IDP) is not valid in China. The IDP is equivalent to any other license from outside the country but you’ll be required to follow the exact method of converting the license to the Chinese licence for driving.

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How To Convert a Foreign Driver License In China
How To Convert a Foreign Driver License In China


The computerized theory test
You must pass the test that you were approved for when your visa/residence permit was granted in.



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