How to Court Marriage (Nikah Khawan) In Pakistan

Court Marriage (Nikah Khawan) In Pakistan By Online

  1. If you are interested in court marriages in Pakistan and India, you must consult a lawyer, who will be able to assist you to sort it out.
  2. You’ll need the documents listed under the Requirement Documents section of this page.
  3. 2. Muslim Witness for Sharai Nikah.
  4. In the case of a second wedding, to Groom approval from first wife as well as for bride, a valid divorce certificate.
  5. In the event of marriage with outside Pakistani national , the bride must have Passport copies and a photo.

Required Documents For Court Marriage (Nikah Khawan)

  • Couple’s proof of aging like CNIC.
  • Complete the appropriate application form
  • Matriculation certificate
  • Couple who have the original CNIC
  • 6 passport size photo.


  • Only 18 years old for a couple.

Examples of Documents

Sample documents: Documents that are sample documents that are available to look

Processing Time

For Nikah just one day is needed. For marriage registration 1 more day required. For marriage certificates at least 3 days are required.

Documentation is needed

This article provides you with details on the procedure of obtaining the court wedding or Nikah Khawan ceremony in Pakistan.

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