How to Obtain Duplicate Fire Arms (Gun) License In India

Obtain Duplicate Fire Arms (Gun) License In India By Yourself

A duplicate license for fire arms is required.

  • In the event that you lose or misplace your Arms License book
  • In the event that an your old license book is damaged.

Apply in-person:

In the event of loss or theft or lost Arms License book
  • To obtain a an additional license for arm guns applicant must make an application for it with the Arms Licensing branch of the District Administration office in question or at the state department office that is designed for this purpose.
  • Check to see if applicant is eligible to apply.
  • Check that all the required documents are in possession prior to applying.
  • The applicant should obtain the form from the office of the applicant (please be sure to pay the fee, if necessary) or a written application in A4 on a plain sheet , as instructed, should be used.
  • The applicant must submit the complete application with the original of the report which is registered with the police station.
  • If the authorities approve your application after examining the information, you will be required to provide the weapon to the relevant authority for examination.
  • After your weapon has been inspected The applicant will be asked to appear before the authorities for an checks at the records department to look to see if there are any criminal records.
  • Once all the above steps is completed, the applicant will need to pay the required fees according to the guidelines at the counter of the appropriate location and get the receipt.
  • The application will be further processed.
  • Applicant is advised to pick up the duplicate license from a counter as per the date and time notified.

In the event that an the old license book is totally damaged

  • The applicant must seek out the authorities in the manner outlined above, and follow the above steps.
  • When you submit your application, you must send an original copy of the licence (damaged/mutilated remains) to get an additional license.
  • Do not need a report to be registered at the police station.
  • The application submitted will be further processed to issue a duplicate licenses.


  • The licensee may apply for renewal of license at any time up to one month prior until one month after the expiration date of the license. The period will be considered as a valid period for renewal , and within this time only charges for due payments will apply, however later on late fees will be charged.
  • If there are any details that need to be clarified, the authorities will allow time to issue a duplicate certificate.
  • Weapons are to be made available to be inspected.

Required Documents For Obtain Duplicate Fire Arms (Gun) License

  • Application form.
  • The report is registered at Police Station
  • Recent Passport size photos of the applicant assayed on the reverse by an Gazetted officer
  • Current Arme License (remains in a damaged state)
  • Documents proving residency i.e. the water or electricity bills telephone bill, driving licence passport, passport, election voter ID card, ration card property/house assessment, return of tax etc. (self-attested photocopies of at most two forms of identification)
  • Ration Card.
  • Aadhaar Card.
  • An Affidavit signed on Stamp sheet (of the suggested value) authentically attested by Notary with the information of the Arms license, and stating that the person has lost.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Home Affairs,North Block, New Delhi 110001 India.
Telephone Number 23092392

Contact information link: link


Valid licence holder whose license has been damaged, lost, or lost


  • Information on fees can be obtained directly at the department’s office when applying.
  • Fees could vary based on the type of different arms.


  • The certificate is valid three months from the time when it is granted (unless it is revoked prior to that) and must be renewed within one month from the date of expiry.
  • The duplicate license is a proof of any validity left from the broken, lost or stolen license’s validity.
  • Licenses can be issued for less duration as well, if the person who is sought wishes or the licensing authority makes a decision
  • Licenses are renewable at any time Even the authority is able to request renewal between the renewal dates to record purposes


  • The applicant has to visit the Arms Licensing Branch and submit the weapon with the arms license book or with a copy of the report that is registered with the police station.

Requirements Information

  • Name of the Applicant
  • Addresses present and permanent
  • Age, date of birth
  • Designation and occupation
  • Specifics of Licence

The Document is required

  • Indian National can claim a permit for self-defence as well as general security, sports shooting and more.,
  • Anyone who plans to carry firearms has to first obtain a permit. If the license that is valid is lost , stolen, or damaged, one must apply for a duplicate one.
  • Arms license (also called the gun permit) is a permit that is issued by the government to any person who is eligible.

Information that could be helpful

  • Anyone from outside India is permitted to possess and carry weapons for an maximum duration of six months during their time in India provided they have valid reasons.
  • Anyone Indian who plans to return to India and who has owned a firearm in his home country for more than two years, may be eligible for an Indian permit and then bring back the gun that they used in the foreign country.



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