How to Eligibility Letter for National Housing Trust (NHT) Loan In Jamaica

Eligibility Letter for National Housing Trust (NHT) Loan In Jamaica By Online

How to Apply You can apply for an eligibility letter in one of two categories: Confirmation loan limit and Joint Financed Mortgage Programme (JFMP). For both of these categories, you must apply to the National Housing Trust office. Please see the Link NHT contact information and map.

Joint Financed Mortgage Programme (JFMP).

  1. After you submit an application for the joint loan through a Participating Institution (PI), the PI will collect all required documents from your and send them to the NHT loan department.
  2. The loan department will review the information and documents provided upon receipt of the request and, if correct, will enter the data into the system to process the eligibility le
  3. tter.
  4. Within 24 hours of receiving the application, the loan department will process the letter and send it to the PI. The latter is valid for six month from the date it was issued

Confirmation Of Loan Limit

  1. NHT can also provide an eligibility letter for applicants who request information to confirm their loan limit. Contact the NHT loan department via the contact details above.
  2. Make sure you have all required documents and take them to the NHT loan office.
  3. Send the documents to NHT officials for verification
  4. Officials from the NHT will confirm that the request meets the requirements and enter the data into their system.
  5. The eligibility letter will then be prepared and sent to you within 24 hours. The letter will be valid for six months from the date it was issued.

Required Documents For Eligibility Letter for National Housing Trust (NHT) Loan

To confirm the loan limit:

  • NIS Card for the applicant
  • TRN Card available for applicants
  • Pay slips for the past 3 months
  • Valid identification (up to date passport, driver’s licence or national voter ID)
  • If discrepancies cannot be resolved based on the information on the pay slips the NHT will ask you to present a Verification Of Gross Income and Contributions letter from past and current employers

Find Office Locations and Contacts

National Housing Trust
Corporate Office
4 Park Boulevard, Kingston 5.
Jamaica W.I.
Tel. : (876)929-6500
Toll-Free Numbers:
(For local callers only).
(1-888),-CALL NHT
website: Link
Contact information and NHT branches


The National Housing Trust (NHT), issues an eligibility letter to applicants in the following circumstances:

  • Joint Financed Mortgage Programme (JFMP). In this instance, the institution must be a participating institution. It applies for a contributing member.
  • To confirm the loan limit, the applicant must be a contributing member of NHT


  • No cost


  • The eligibility letter is valid for six months starting from the date it was issued

Processing Time

  • Within 24 hours of your application


You can access the JFMP directly by contacting one of the participating financial institutions.

  • JN Bank Limited
  • Victoria Mutual Building Society
  • Sagicor Jamaica Limited
  • Sagicor Jamaica
  • First Caribbean International Building Society
  • Scotia Jamaica Building Society
  • Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica
  • National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited
  • First Global Bank
  • Jamaica Money Market Brokers

Contributors who have borrowed money through the JFMP can apply for contributions refunds.

Requirements Information

  • Names
  • Address details
  • Contact information
  • Members number

You will need the document

  • Eligibility is information about your contribution that can be used by loan institutions to decide whether to grant you a loan. You can also request the letter to determine if you are eligible for a loan.

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